Growing up too fast?!

I have written a few draft blogs lately and decided not to publish because most of them start with, “I don’t fit in with other moms.” My attitude to motherhood seems to be out there in a minority.

I’m going to be brave and write about something that I don’t agree with as it as been back to school week and I’ve seen this catchphrase a lot lately, “My babies are growing up too fast!” Sob!

What the hell does that even mean?  Too fast?

How can they be growing up too fast? They are growing at the same rate as every other normal, happy, healthy kid and this is a good thing!  

Why are we sobbing about it? 

Not once in Ollie’s two years have I thought, sob sob, where has my baby gone? He will always be my baby but he won’t always be a baby!

I love love loved newborn Ollie, he was a beautiful content little baby.


Then I loved him when he started crawling and playing and when he started walking he was just so funny, he laughed every time for about a month!

img_3520 img_0731

Now I love my cheeky little friend who hits me when I pretend to be asleep and helps himself to yoghurts when he wants a snack. I’ve always been happy with my Ollie… Now!


I will be happy with my now when Ollie goes to school, when he’s a pain in the arse teenager and when he is old enough to go out drinking with his dad and learning the craft behind cocktails.

For me as a mom, seeing your kids growing up is never anything to sob about.  I love seeing what he is going to learn next and what little words he will come out with.  No part of me ever wishes for days gone by.  (Well, I don’t wish for anything in general!) I love my days gone by but I love my now more.  I wish for my now to have my little boy in it for as long as I live! Even if my little boy is big.


As soon as you give birth somebody will say, “Make the most of it, they’re not babies for long!” So when he’s not a baby, should I stop making the most of motherhood? I’ll make the most out of life for as long as I’m alive! Your child doesn’t need to be newborn to make the most out of being a mom.

Looking forward is a nice thing, wondering what Ollie will look like in his little school uniform, will he go along with my persuasions and enjoy dance classes, will he continue to be adventurous and go on waterslides when he’s tall enough?  All of that is nice to think about but that is uncertain.  Looking back is certain! Getting old and seeing your kids grown up must be a very satisfying feeling.

Maybe I feel differently because of Stevie.  My little girl will never grow up, I would like to say she grew ‘too fast’ and went to full term but she just stopped growing.  She’ll forever be my baby, a tiny baby in a tiny grave.

The thought of Ollie going to school doesn’t scare me, he’ll always be my boy! 🙂