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Haaaave You Met Ted?

Can you believe he is finally here!? After our bumpy road we have finally got our perfect little Ted. He looks exactly like baby Ollie but his birth story is a lot more chilled out.
Ted is a wedding baby and named after Ted Mosby from HIMYM because we had a HIMYM themed wedding.

We got engaged in July 2015 and I was pregnant so we thought we’d get married around about well now, January 2017 was our plan! After we lost baby Stevie in September 2015 we needed something happy so we planned our wedding in a month and set the date for April 2016!

When I thought I was pregnant I basically just ignored it because I was scared it would go wrong again. As time went on I thought I’d better tell someone, so around about 19 weeks I told my doctors after we’d had a private scan to confirm he was ok. I first saw my midwife around 20 weeks and pretty much decided then that I wanted a planned c section.

I’d been suffering with pregnancy anxiety, basically I was just constantly scared of losing him and I kept thinking, I’ve had 1st and 2nd trimester miscarriages the only thing left is 3rd trimester loss and I was just constantly worried. So for mental health reasons she agreed it was best for me and I was put under consultant care for planned c section.
The best way to describe how I felt is, most women go through pregnancy scared of having a baby – will it hurt, how will my labour go, will feeding hurt etc – whereas I was just scared of NOT having a baby.

I had growth scans every few weeks and had a date planned for meeting Ted. It did make me feel more relaxed knowing that my body didn’t have to go through the stress again. With Ollie I fully laboured and ended up with emergency section that went very badly, baby Tutu I was just left because it was ‘only’ 10 weeks but the drugs forced my body so it was so painful, then baby Stevie was actually quite a smooth delivery but psychologically painful. So I just didn’t want the unknown stress!

On the 3rd Jan we set our alarms, got up early and very calmly went to hospital. There were 6 other women there for planned sections and we were all put in a waiting room. We were told that the order is decided on the day and it’s based on medical priority. I thought I’d be last because physically I’m ok it was psychological reasons.

I was second! There was a twin momma before me and then I was next. After speaking to some of the others the reasons for sections were generally big babies or previous premature babies. I think I was the only one there because of losses so I suppose Ted was a priority! Get him out safe!

I was really nervous in the morning! I kept thinking, “I’m getting cut up!” I never had chance to think about the seriousness of surgery with Ollie I was just saying, “Get him out!”

I went to see the anethesist and he was so calm and professional. He put a cannula in my hand and explained what would happen and then I casually walked into theatre, no screaming down the corridors! Dave came in all calm, no crying! Haha!

I sat on the bed and they put the spinal in me, I was thinking hey I had gas and air last time! But it wasn’t too bad. Then as soon as it kicked it they just got on with it, it felt so weird! I could feel it but no pain. Dave said my upper body was really moving around from where they were yanking me around. They said is it definitely a boy and the midwife said yes and he’s got loads of hair!

He hadn’t cried so I said where is he? And the anethesist said he was in between my legs! It was surreal. He must have still been attached to me!
Then I heard a little cry and he was getting checked over by the midwife. She brought him over and I just said “It’s Ollie!” He is exactly baby Ollie! Dave held him and then they put him on me for skin to skin while they stitched me back up.

Cue Ted Mosby moment, hey I just met you but I love you!

Ted Wait-For-It Eden-Sangwell born Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 10.48am weighing just over 8lbs.

Or shall we call him Ted Evelyn Mosby Eden-Sangwell?!

We went round to recovery and my mom sneaked in but got told off! She doesn’t care haha! She’s been at that hospital for all 5 grandsons births and baby Stevie’s. I think she knows her way round better than the staff! She always says she feels everything we feel so most of the staff don’t even bother trying to kick her out. She’s not an interfering mom she is just always there for us and I feel like telling some of them my life story so they just let her in and don’t think she’s a nosy annoying mother!

We stayed in recovery for about an hour or so I think and then went up to the ward.

We had to stay in for two nights so we were there Tuesday and Wednesday night and come home early evening on Thursday.

I kinda like those 2 days in hospital, I liked it with Ollie. Just me and my baby! It’s nice chilled out bonding time.

He’s been feeding really well although only really on one side! But then by the time we got home the good side had become really sore so I’ve told him he’s gotta make more effort on the other side. Good side has been out of order tonight and he’s had 3 feeds on the other one so hopefully they’ll both even out and be used equally over the next few days.

He’s done loads of poos! Ollie had one major explosion of black tar poo everywhere and freaked me out. Ted has been quite neat and had lots of little ones, mostly contained only one up the back so far!

He likes the snugi wrap and sleeps on me for ages. I keep saying he fakes being hungry so he can just lie on my boob! If someone else holds him he acts hungry so I take him but then he likes to lie on it but not actually feed. It’s good survival instinct little Ted 😊

I’m feeling so much more mobile compared to after Ollie. When we left hospital I walked to the car carrying Ted. I couldn’t walk after Ollie. At the time I didn’t know I was dying from a major infection. I couldn’t get up the stairs or go to the toilet on my own either.

This time it’s uncomfortable but not as painful. I’m quite good at getting up and down already.
My lower back is aching but that’s probably just from the spinal, I had a massive bruise last time. I feel much more deflated now too, after Ollie I looked 10 months pregnant when I left hospital because I was so swollen (why I was allowed to leave I don’t know!) I was so red and puffy! This time I’ve hardly bled and my belly is a normal colour and I look about 4 months pregnant so that’s much better!

Our first night back home I didn’t want to kick Ollie out because he tends to creep into our bed but Ollie decided him and Dave were having a sleepover and he pulled the sofa bed out in his room for them. So me and Ted slept in our room. He had a little time in the Mosby basket but mostly slept on me. He only really screamed when I left him to go to the toilet.

Other than that he’s just had little whimpers when he was hungry and wet.
So we’ve had a pretty chilled out first night back. We went to bed around 10.30 and I think I woke up at 12, 1 and 5 for feeds and we’ve slept in between. It’s now just after 6 and I’m writing this while Ted is in a little milk coma on me.

He is a perfect little baby! I’m so happy he’s finally here. Little Ollie has coped so well, I’m really proud of him but I’ll let him tell his story…

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