I’m 20 weeks and 2 days now! I’ve mostly been going crazy baby shopping since I found out its a boy. I now have a suitcase full of cute little clothes, a bag of baby toiletries and a 3 in 1 Moses basket/ chair/ play chair. I should be banned from going out on my own because I can’t leave the house without buying something. In my defence, I do generally buy sale stuff so I’m saving more than I’m spending… Kind of…
I feel pretty good. I like being pregnant!  Baby moves around a lot. I feel movement throughout the day now, so much that I don’t use the baby heart monitor as much now because he kicks me! He kicked me when I was singing the other day, I’ve decided it meant he liked it and was having a little dance not, Shut up Mom that’s horrible! He likes music actually. I went to see Swan Lake last week and he was moving a lot. I’ll make sure he loves music as much as I do, even if the other kids laugh and say, “What is a vinyl? Weirdo!” I’m sure Daddy will counter balance my retro ness by buying him his first iPod!
My mom said I’m glowing and my hair is shiny so I think my body is coping well so far. In my first trimester my hair was falling out but I didn’t know that my hormones were changing for a reason! Now it is growing back and looks less scraggy! I got called “phenomenally attractive” at work the other night so let’s see if I can keep this up for another 20 weeks, probably get called a big sweaty mess but we’ll see!
I eat a lot these days! Baby still loves chicken nuggets but we usually have a cheeseburger as well! I have found that I feel better if I have lots of little meals throughout the day rather than one big pig out. No appointments to report this week! I’ll see the midwife in about 3 weeks and back to hospital in April for a check up. I get really bad indigestion a lot but that’s normal but annoying. I hate it when people make stupid gassy burpy noises and I do it all the time. Gaviscon helps temporarily.
I’m going to tell my boss soon I think so I can decide how much maternity leave to take, it depends what pay I’m entitled to. I am hoping there is a company pay scheme and not just the crappy government pay. I do only work 2 nights and a few days so it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to go back, I’d just take him to work in the daytime!
Anyway, pretty boring blog really, just how I’m feeling! I really want to have a 4D scan so maybe I’ll have some new pictures soon.

Starting to get fat now!
Starting to get fat now!
Still got a waist but getting bigger!
Still got a waist but getting bigger!
  • granpat

    You are not the only one who shouldn’t be let out alone at the moment! I can’t resist buying things for Lamby every time I’m out. I went out yesterday to do a weekly shop,came home with a travel cot! At dinner time found I had nothing in the fridge! Opps. You look like you are blossoming Jo, can’t wait to see you xxx

  • Cutest bump ever! It’s so neat and yes you do still have a lovely waistline, I think you are the envy of lots of mothers-to-be! If Lamby likes chicken nuggets may I recommend a KFC… 😉

    • houdinisassistant

      Yes Lamby approves of the KFC! I meant to tell you last week, it was our valentines meal lol! I can’t bring myself to eat lamb because of the nickname and also, lambs are adorable!

  • Had such a lovely nanny/ mother daughter time feeling little billy move. I will refer to little one by his real name when mommy and daddy have decided but for now I quite like billy. X x

  • You are getting big now. Really wont be long till we meet him. It’s so exciting to think he will be at the wedding. Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy, you look very healthy.

  • You look really healthy, pregnancy suits you and being a mommy does! I love all the little outfits he’s going to be such a cool cousin

  • Lamby is a cute nickname. The clothes are adorable. Won’t be long and he will be wearing them getting them all grubby

  • You’ve popped all of a sudden! I saw a t-shirt in a tourist tat shop the other day over here ( writing from lanzarote!) it said “someone who loves me very much got me this t-shirt from lanzarote” normally I would scoff at such tat but I got all emotional thinking about lamby and I was like “I love lamby already and he’s not even born!!!” You’re looking very healthy and happy in your picture! Can’t wait to see you for a catch up in a few weeks!! Xxxx

    • houdinisassistant

      I love crap like that! Lol! I buy stuff like that for the boys, I’m sure they had an Egypt and Vegas one!