Happy Father’s Day.

Today it is Father’s Day! You might remember Baker Days Cake from a few weeks ago where Dave had an early Father’s Day present because we reviewed personalised cake. 

Well, we got more presents! I received an email from Aldi a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in reviewing any of their Fathers Day gifts! I looked at their catalogue and found the perfect gift for Dave, a cocktail set!

Happy Fathers Day a-Dadda!

For anybody that doesn’t know him, he knows everything there is to know about bars! He has worked in nightclubs, pubs, casual restaurants, designer restaurants, mobile bars, cocktail bars… He worked in Dubai before I met him. When he returned to England he got into web design and stopped working in bars! Now he runs a website called BartenderHQ as well as managing an online shop for a small company. 

So this was an ideal choice. He also loves alcohol, not in a drunken idiot kind of way, he genuinely enjoys a fine spirit or good cocktail. He reviews a lot for his site. So I also got some fruit ciders for him and of course the obligatory Father’s Day socks! 

Thank you to Aldi for making present shopping easy for me! They have a really good range of Father’s Day presents and in fact just presents for Dads in general! There are loads of really good value alcohol options whether it’s a pack of beers or a bottle of whisky. They also sell a lot of tools and clothing gifts. Definitely worth a look if you’re stuck for ideas. 

Dave has already written a review of their fruit ciders and will be writing a review on the cocktail set! The cocktail set was £19.99 so it’s a really good little starter kit for a home bar.