Heaven: The Abortion Clinic.


If you know me you’ll know that I don’t really believe in anything; ghosts, psychics, luck, star signs, ‘feelings’, witchcraft… All a load of BS! I believe in logic and reason.

Perhaps the biggest load of bollocks of all is religion. Please don’t troll me if you are religious (surely God will get mad if you’re nasty!) if my views offend you please be aware that your views offend me too so we’re even. 

I can usually rant on about religion whether it’s regarding taking responsibility for your own life, mob mentality or the education system but perhaps the biggest rant of all and the biggest thing I’d ask anyone to consider when doubting or praising religion… Taking the lives of kids and babies? Terrorists, rapists, murderers… Yeah ok take them. What has a baby or child ever done to warrant being ‘taken’ to a ‘better place’? 
If there really is some greater being, that thing or person (puff of smoke in the sky as my clever nephew calls it) that wonderful thing, thinks it’s ok to take babies? 

How can anyone believe that’s ok? It’s bordering on delusion in my personal opinion. 

There was a video that went viral from that couple where he tested her urine and announced her own pregnancy and then she miscarried. A lot of people were really rude and said they’d over shared. I disagreed. I think blogs and vlogs are personal, if 1 person or 1 million people read, it’s still a personal story that they’ve chosen to share. No one asked you to read or watch! You chose to enter their personal space. 

However what did annoy me about the video was that they said God had taken their baby for a reason. What reason is that? Does someone just like collecting little babies in heaven? Are foetuses a delicacy in certain parts of cloud? What exactly does God want with unborn babies? 

When is there ever an acceptable reason for a ‘greater’ force to create so much misery? Why don’t the scummy mummy’s miscarry? The ones that just have babies to avoid work or because they’re jealous that their mate had one? 

If there is a superior being, surely there is some logic in that puff of smoke head? Obviously not! Hence, it’s all bullshit. 

If you ask me, heaven is worse than any hospital ward or abortion clinic. It not only takes more lives than anywhere else but it gives people bullshit lies to make them think there is some kind of ‘plan’ for them. Or fills them with crap that their baby is in a ‘better place’. No it’s not. The best place for any baby is with its Mommy.  

At least there’s no delusion if a baby dies because of a medical reason or choice made by the mother. No one is filled with lies of mythical creatures and some sort of peaceful place. How can anyone be comforted by the thought that some great being decided to kill their baby for no apparent reason? I’d much rather the doctors tell me I have x condition and that’s why it happened rather than it happened for a reason, the baby was chosen. What reason? Faith isn’t an explanation it’s nonsense. 

‘God has plans for you this happened for a reason.’ No it didn’t it happened because of a reason and that reason is scientific not some artsy fartsy crap! I want to know my scientific reason. If there is something wrong with me I want to find out what it is.

If I haven’t expressed my point as well as I hope, listen to this: 

I think that is possibly one of the most powerful speeches about religion. I completely agree. I don’t want to go there either and I don’t want my baby to go there. 

Update: I’ve had no pains or bleeding over the weekend so I will be going to hospital this afternoon and I won’t leave until it’s all over. Could be a couple of days, could be a week! 

  • Aimee Foster

    My second daughter died at one day old and lots of people said, ‘she’s looking down over you’. I’m not sure how many believed that, I think it is something to say when there are no words. I’m not religious either and agree with what you said, but if it helps some people to believe that their child was taken for a reason or has gone to a better place then I guess that’s OK. Unfortunately, that is of no comfort to me. I’m so sorry for your loss xx

    • MommaBoss

      I know what you mean, I think some people believe or say religious things because they don’t know what else to do or say. Reasons are much easier to process though!
      And not everybody overthinks as much as I do so I suppose a simpler way to cope is to think of them in a better place. Xx

  • Tori Gabriel

    My God, Jo (pun intended). You have written exactly what I was thinking! Seriously, as I was reading it I thought “I’ll send her the link with Stephen Fry” and then noticed you’d included it! (I love Stephen Fry!) How do you react when people say “I will pray for you?” I find it really patronising.

    • MommaBoss

      To be honest I find strong religious beliefs quite concerning. It’s just a brainwashing cult. I don’t know what people expect to happen from ‘prayers’. It is no comfort whatsoever. I was just thinking if somebody came up to you in the park and just shot your kid, but then said “it’s ok i did it for a reason. They’re in a better place now.” Nobody would see that as justification. Yet taking babies for no reason or to be in a better place is comforting? Seriously it’s not a sane thought to have.
      All of the most inspirational people are atheists! It tells you a lot about sane minds! Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Derren Brown, Tim Minchin, Penn Jillette (have you read ‘God, No!’ It’s so good.) and of course me!

  • I could imagine what your feelings. ..i had a stillborn a couple of years ago. At 36 weeks my baby died inside of me. There I was have to push a non living baby out of me. There are things we cant explain. I have come to realize my mind and thinking is limited there has to be a bigger explanation that I am not aware of.

  • I agree with everything you have said, I dont get all the I will pray for you etc, I have been through all this myself. Huge hugs to you today x