HIMYM Honeymoon – LV Part 1.

We arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening, earlier than scheduled which was nice!  Now, a few years ago I fell in-love… with a car! I’ve said the way I feel about this car makes me think I’m actually a boy inside.  Back in 2011 I did a mini West coast tour, flew to San Fransisco, bus to Hollywood boulevard, train to Long Beach LA and then drove LA- Vegas! In Mustang Sally!


I was so in-love that a few years later Dave encouraged me to impulse buy (on eBay) Maddie Gogo Flick (MGF) my original dream car that I’d wanted since I was 10 and the closest I was going to get to owning my own Sally.


So when we knew we were going to Vegas, I knew I was going to be reunited with my car crush.  Enter… Mustang Maddie! We hired this car for a day to drive ourselves from the airport to The Strip.  It costs around $20 – $30 dollars to get a cab and this baby was £44 so it was a no brainer really!


We drove ourselves to our hotel, checked in and left Maddie in the car park overnight.  We stayed at Treasure Island and booked a mini suite.  It was so massive, we didn’t noticed our room hadn’t been cleaned because we were so impressed! So we got moved and got meal vouchers and champagne to apologise, we’d already been given one champagne on arrival!


Then we checked into our actual room, it was so nice and really cheap! It was a lot cheaper than our New York standard room!

We had his and hers bathrooms, mine had a spa bath and Dave had a massive walk in shower.  The room had a massive bed, living room area and table and bar stools.  We had a lovely view of the Strip too.  We have got a video tour of the room, I’ll upload it somewhere!

After we’d jumped around the room for a while we headed out onto the Strip just for a walk and a few drinks. We saw the Mirage volcano go off and the Bellagio fountains.



I love America but the food portions are just too big and there’s too much waste, even a salad is big enough for a herd a goats to feast on, so we were happy going for fast food where the portions are fairly normal!

We went to Johnny Rockets in the Flamingo and had a burger and shared some amazing cheesy fries and I had a candy shake! So good!


The next morning we drove down to Downtown Vegas, it isn’t exactly far from The Strip to Downtown, it’s a quick bus ride or a long walk (I have walked it before!) but it was great having an excuse to drive somewhere as we only had the car until 6pm so we couldn’t go too far.

I love Downtown Vegas, it just feels really retro cool! We went for a buffet breakfast in Main St Station and there was a guy flairing omelettes, I was impressed! It was only $9 each including drinks.  Top travel tip: Downtown is way cheaper! Buffet breakfasts on the Strip are generally around the $20 mark!

We wondered around for a while, I wanted to do the zipline but it wasn’t open until the afternoon (a good excuse to go back to Vegas!) we had to head back because we had tickets for the filming of Penn and Teller: Fool Us.  We love magic, especially P&T so Dave was good getting us booked in for this.  It was free because it wasn’t a proper show, it was filmed out of order with a lot of repetitions but it was still really fun to watch.  The best part… Alyson Hannigan was the host, Lily from HIMYM!  So we were really pleased.  I saw P&T last time I was in Vegas and it is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen so I really want to see it with Dave in the future.


After the filming it was time to say bye bye Maddie! We had a twatbag photoshoot with her and then dropped her off.

In the evening we went to see Piff the Magic Dragon.  He was so funny and did a meet and greet afterwards.  His opening act was this amazing juggler Michael Goddeau and he was hilarious too! It is a proper laugh out loud show.  This was the night we gambled too, a whopping… $20! We went to the bar before the show and the bartender said if we’re gambling on the video casino we can drink for free.  So we gambled $10 each and had 3 drinks each that would’ve cost around $60 so it was a good deal.

After the show we headed back to our hotel and had a drink at one of the bars in our hotel and what we thought would be a snack (nachos) but it was a dustbin lid of nachos.


That’s our first two nights, I will move onto the other in a new post! I like writing about this, it’s making me remember and record all the stuff we did.



  • BartenderHQ

    Maddie Gogo Flick will ride again! We can rebuild her! We can make her stronger! 🙂 (Six Million Dollar Man reference!)

    • MommaBoss

      She will! 🙂 Erin Brockovich will pay haha!