HIMYM Honeymoon – NY Part 1.

I’ve written a little bit about our wedding (still loads more to write!) but I’m going to write about our honeymoon before I finish explaining aspects of our wedding. 

So as you know the theme of our wedding was How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and the TV show is set in New York so it fitted well to go to New York. That and I asked Dave if he could go anywhere where would he choose and he said New York and Las Vegas so even though I’ve been to both, I was a nice wife to be and that’s where we booked! 

We travelled down to London 5 days after our wedding and after some clever Twittering we got upgraded to First Class on the train and had a free breakfast so that was a good start!


I tried my luck on the plane too but they said the flight was too full… Boooo! They gave us an extra legroom seat, champagne and a bottle of prosecco but first class would’ve been better! 

Boo! Crap Virgin Atlantic!
Boo! Crap Virgin Atlantic!

We landed in New York on the Friday night after the wedding and I was so tired but we couldn’t waste the first night so we went to a bar that Dave has been dying to get to called Employees Only, voted best bar in the world and the worlds best bartender works there. It was a really cool bar! It was tiny but that works, more $ per square foot! 

We had a drink there and then wondered around for a while then just got the subway back to our hotel. We stayed right by Central Park and just a few streets away from Times Square. 

The next day we found this really cheap but really good place for breakfast so we went there all four days!


We popped into McGees too, the HIMYM bar.  It’s where the creators used to hang out so the bar in the show is based on this real life bar, it’s very accurate!  We went back so more on that later…


To me, NYC is all about Broadway! I love shows and would happily sit through 2 per day so the next day we watched An American in Paris matinee and Matilda in the evening with more bars in between (NYC is all about bars for Dave!) 

American in Paris was really good, the choreography was amazing and very ‘Gene Kelly’ in its style – it’s all in the knees! However, there was only one tap number so I felt it was inspired by AAIP rather than the film turned into a stage show. Tra La La wasn’t in it and I Got Rhythm wasn’t that perfect tap sequence where Gene Kelly jumps over his own leg! (I’m a big Gene Kelly fan.)  


In between shows, it had to be done – we went to TGI Fridays.  Dave’s love for bars started at Friday’s so we had to go.  We had a Times Square in Times Square.  They don’t call it a Times Square, it’s just apps all around!


We knew we’d love Matilda because Tim Minchin wrote the music and he makes music so funny! It was really good, it’s a really good family show definitely one to take Ollie to in a few years! 



New York was really cold! I had to buy gloves and a scarf! I went in January last time and that was freezing so I expected it to be quite mild but it was really cold!


That’s the first two days so I’m going to take a break and write about the other two days separately! Stay tuned…

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