HIMYM Wedding – The Locket.

There were a few symbols in our wedding that were pretty obviously linked to HIMYM and a few more subtle ones like my jewellery.  I had french horn earrings that you might have missed and the bridesmaids had yellow umbrella necklaces.  The yellow umbrella is also the reason for their yellow dresses! 


The more subtle reference was my locket.  I was wearing a special locket.  A few years ago Dave bought me a locket for Christmas and I never wore it!  I used to have one necklace that I wore for a whole year and my sister had already bought me one that year so I didn’t wear the one he bought me.

He used to get mad with me for not wearing it.  When we moved into our house in 2014, I found the locket while I was tidying up and decided that if we ever got married I would wear the locket and that would be my necklace for the year!

The story fitted very well with our HIMYM theme because Robin had a locket that she decided would be her something old on her wedding day and she buried it in Central Park, by the carousel and decided she would wear it on her wedding day.

We got married by a carousel!


Then when she was engaged she couldn’t find the locket and funnily enough, a few days before the wedding, I couldn’t find the locket! After ripping out my whole wardrobe I found it, I didn’t have to dig up Central Park in the rain.

I won’t ruin too much of the HIMYM story incase anyone wants to get into HIMYM after the wedding but if you’ve seen it you’ll know how the locket links nicely to our theme!