HIMYM Wedding – The Cake.

Everything had a meaning in our wedding, including the cake! Did anyone notice where it was from?

It was actually from a fictional bakery that appeared in Season 1 of HIMYM.  Do you remember when Ted met Buttercup at a wedding, she wouldn’t give her real name so she named herself after her bakery because she… Drumroll, please… Made the wedding cake!

The day after the wedding the gang tried to figure out who she really was and eventually Ted tracked her down and it was Victoria!


Did you notice the ribbon on the cake?

It’s not very clear but the ribbon says Buttercup Bakery!

The red roses were to go along with the colour scheme which I’ll explain later and the silhouette topper was meant to be me, Dave and Ollie because… I AM THE MOTHER!

When I first met Dave it hadn’t been revealed who the mother was, it was a mystery until the end but I used to say it was me because I love Ted Mosby.  During one of our Facebook wars Dave said to me, “Are you the mother?” and I said yes and then when I was pregnant with Ollie I said, “I told you I’m the mother!”

Also, here’s a fun HIMYM fact for you, if HIMYM didn’t get renewed after Season 2, Victoria would have been the mother so if we want to be really over-analytical (and I do!) then the silhouette links to the mystery of the mother that was almost Victoria aka Buttercup!

The cake was made by Celebration Cakes in Tamworth who were very helpful taking a late booking, we only ordered it a month or so before the wedding and they were so good!  The layers were all different, the bottom layer was marble which was cut up at the wedding then me and Ollie cracked open the top sponge layer yesterday with the help of Shell, Jake and Tom and we’ve still got a red velvet layer to start on! Ollie absolutely loves cake and didn’t want any dinner yesterday, he thought it was ok to just ask for cake!

Thank you Celebration Cakes for being very co-operative with our requests and delivering a perfect cake.


Oh and when we were in New York for our honeymoon we found Buttercup Bakeshop so obviously we had a cake and told ourselves Victoria made it!