How I Met My Brother.

For a while now Momma has been saying she’s got a baby in her belly. I don’t know much about babies. The only baby I know is my cousin Connor. I like him now but at first I wasn’t sure because he used to drink out of bottles and I was the only one that had a bottle so I thought he was stealing mine. He’s nice now but sometimes he does try and steal my toys.

So I didn’t really know what Momma meant because Connor wasn’t in her belly, I could see him! Anyway, her belly was really comfy like a big pillow.

One day I woke up and Momma and Digga weren’t there! Grandma and Grandad were looking after me. I wondered where they were because they usually tell me if they go to work but I just woke up and they were gone.
Later on in the day Grandma an Grandad took me out I looked at some pets so that was fun but then they were taking me to the hospital place. I’d been there before with Momma and Digga said that baby was on a tv! That was even more weird than belly.
Then I went in a room and Momma was in bed. I didn’t like it, I’ve watched Get Well Soon on CBeebies, people are poorly and that’s not good. I was worried about Momma.
Nanny was there too and everyone was saying baby. This is my baby brother. Mommas belly didn’t have baby anymore, baby was outside. He was really little.

I wasn’t sure about him I just wanted to stay with nanny. After a while I just wanted nanny to take me away I didn’t like hospital. I asked nanny to take me to get a drink so we had a drink.
Momma was there for a long time and I stayed home with Grandma and Grandad and Digga but one night I stayed at nannys and I like jumping on the bed!

Nanny took me back to my house and I just wanted to stay with Nanny. I was worried because people keep leaving me! I wondered where Momma was and Digga kept coming home then going again so I felt safe with Nanny!
But then Momma came home and I was really happy I gave her a big cuddle! She had baby but I didn’t mind, he can stay with us as long as Momma and Digga stay too!

I like baby. They said he is called Ted and he’s my wingman. I don’t really know what that means but he’s ok. I gave him cuddles and when they took him away I reached out to get him again.

He’s really little and doesn’t play but he’s nice. I let him in my bedroom and held him.
The next day he had a bath, he doesn’t splash like me, I’ll show him what to do.

He sat in my old baby chair so I watched to make sure he liked it.

I thought Momma had lost him because she wasn’t holding him when I woke up today. I looked round then I found him in his bed. I showed him paw patrol on my t shirt and told him their names. He needs to know important things and I’ll help him.

He doesn’t do much but I like him. I feel sorry for him when he cries, I don’t want him to be sad!

Baby Ted will be my friend as long as he knows she was my momma first! We can share ok Ted?