I am Out-Written.

I wonder if any other bloggers share this characteristic. I am out-written. (Sounds rather musical if you say it in the style of Natasha Beddingfield.)
Take two random people that have met me and you could be given two completely different descriptions of me based on how and where we met.

Some will say I’m very quiet, withdrawn and even shy.

Others will say opinionated, always got something to go on about, theory for everything. Or more recently, a badass!

In a way, both are right.

I have got an opinion on pretty much everything but I haven’t always got something to say. More accurately, I’ve always got something to write. 

I don’t care if somebody is ‘offended’ by my life so in that sense I’m outspoken but I don’t say my theories out loud, I write them down. Which makes me out-written.

I will always have my say, you just might not hear it. I like being out-written because it means people are choosing to ‘listen’ I’m not boring people to death with my ideas because I’m not there.

The reason some people will call me withdrawn is because I often am. I can sense when somebody doesn’t like me or likes me but doesn’t really want to talk to me so I’ll be the one to shut up. I don’t mind, I prefer writing most of the time!

I much prefer to write my opinions, I think I can convey tone much better in writing. I’ve got a naturally quiet voice so nobody can ever hear me anyway, it’s often more effort than it’s worth to try and express my thoughts. I end up losing the flow of what I’m saying and can’t be bothered.

There are only a handful of people that I actually have lengthy conversations with!

I’m definitely not a chatterbox, I don’t do small talk, I don’t do pointless polite exchanges.
I’m not confrontational but I am really good at handling conflict, 13 years working in bars has given me that skill!

It’s annoying though because after I’ve handled a situation I can always think of an essay. I should take email addresses and write to them after the incident. “I’ve been over-thinking about what you said and…”

I like doing speeches or presentations because it is initially written. I can still express myself in a way that suits me.

I do philosophical up all night conversations or I write it all down. Always got something to say but rarely says it out loud… I am out written.


I am aware that the verb ‘outwrite’ means to write more or better than but I’ve made up my own meaning. I am out-written.  The hyphen makes it a new word! 🙂