I am the Baby who…

A lot of bloggers have taken part in the I am the Mom who… Chain blog. It’s really fun to get to know other bloggers but I’ve been thinking about my little Ollie and some of his quirks so I thought I’d write a post from him! 
What would he tell other babies about himself? 
Maybe I watched Rugrats too much as a 90s kid? Or you might think it’s a fun idea… 
I’d love to hear ‘from’ your babies so if your a blogger reading this please write a post, I’m going to tag a few favourites anyway so if you like it, join in for fun! 

Hello bloggers, I’m Oliver I’m nearly 1 (10th July) and I am the baby who…

  • Cries because I’m tired. I know, that’s a cliche baby thing to start with but I do. I feel like I’m going to miss out on something so I don’t want to sleep but I’m so tired it hurts my eyes so I cry.
  • Loves food! I really like cake. My nanny lets me have treats but Mommy says ‘pudding’ and I have a treat after dinner. Sometimes it’s banana though and I’m thinking… Cake!
  • Loves swimming and bath times and taps and splashing in a bowl of water! Water is really fun.
  • Touches my bits when Mommy changes my nappy, even if it’s a poo nappy.
  • Finds it really funny if someone sniffs my feet and says “Poooo!” Sometimes my toys do it and it’s so funny.
  • Gets in trouble for climbing. Mommy says No! I don’t see that problem. I’m big enough to climb on my train now.
  • I like falling asleep on my Mommy. Don’t laugh, I know I’m not a newborn but Mommy is comfy and she sings to me. It’s relaxing ok.
  • Shouts Dadda in the mornings. Daddy gets up first for work so there’s no point shouting Momma! Daddy brings my bottle.
  • Thinks walking is really funny. I’m new to walking so maybe it will ease off and get less funny over time but I just can’t stop laughing. I got used to that crawling thing I didn’t think I’d even walk yet, I thought that was just for grown ups!
  • Cousins! How cool are cousins? They’re not quite as big as the grown ups but they’re really fun and always lively! Well mine are anyway.
  • Has a dummy. Dummies are so nice! It helps me chill out to have a dummy for bed. I don’t like it when it falls out in the night though. Mommy or daddy come in and find it and put it back for me. Phew!
  • Stays with my nanny when Mommy goes to work. I love it at Nanny’s there are loads of toys!


And I really love trains! This is so good, you can ride on it, put the bricks in, walk with it or play music!

 I’m nominating some bloggers. Please still  join in even if your babies are bigger! Write about what they were like as babies, it will be a nice trip down memory lane! Or write I am the child/ toddler who… 

I nominate 

And anyone else that wants to join in!