I am the Mom who…

I have been tagged by Helen aka All The Beautiful Things to take part in I am the mom who… (Mum for non Brummies!) For any non bloggers reading, it’s like chain mail so that bloggers get to know each other! I love stuff like this! So here’s mine.

Dear Ollie, I am the Mom who…

  • Takes you to the doctors every five minutes. If you cough two days in a row… Getting checked out. I actually said to the doctor, “I’d rather be a psycho mom and be sent home than leave him poorly!”
  • Isn’t worried about germs. I sterilise your bottles, bath you and wash your clothes. We’re not dirty but I’m not a Milton/ Dettol mom. Germs help build immunity! 
  • Likes it when you fall asleep on me. 
  • Will make toys come to life. Toys have personalities, families and roles to play. We have the bath time crew and bedtime gang already. It’s only going to grow. 
  • Thinks I’m a good mom. I know most moms will find this weird but I know I’m doing a good job. I have a happy clever baby so I know I’m doing a good job!
  • Makes you brush your teeth. You will not get away with not brushing your teeth… Ever! There is no excuse. 
  • Will not allow sweets. I was never allowed sweets and you won’t be either. They are so bad for your teeth. (I’m OCD about teeth.) 
  • Doesn’t compare myself to other moms and doesn’t compare you to other babies. 
  • Sings lullabies to you. You like ‘Where is Love’ from Oliver! A made up song called, ‘You’re too Lovely’ and a weird one but ‘Think Twice’ by Celine Dion. That’s your sleepy soundtrack. 
  • Loves being at home with you just playing all day and misses you when I go to work. 
  • Checks on you about 16 times throughout the night.

I don’t know who to tag! I think my favourite bloggers have already done it so I’m just going to name a few just in case they haven’t! Tweet it to me if you’ve already done it because I’ve missed it! 

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  • Helen

    Ahh lovely!! I love that you have the bath time crew and bed time gang 🙂 Fab, thanks for taking part 🙂 x

    • MommaBoss

      The toys all know what to do! Haha! Squirtle Turtle gives a warning to Lamby Mobile, “Baby on the way prepare for bedtime!” I get really carried away… Watched Toy Story one too many times I think!

  • Becky Pink

    Lovely 😊 I hate sweets and feel like the meanest mum ever for not letting my girls have them. But we got gold stars at the dentist today so it’s all worth it! X

  • MommaBoss

    Definitely worth it! I’d rather be nasty momma for 5 mins than ruin their teeth for life!

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    I love the toys coming to life! I’ve not done it but I will 🙂