I Like Being on our Own!

Ollie, I’m writing this little message to tell you something. I really like it when we’re on our own!

No offence to Daddy or Nanny or the rest of our family. I love having them around too! In fact today we went out for Chinese food with everybody because it’s Jake’s birthday tomorrow.


Think we need a selfie stick…
I like it when we’re all together and you really do love your family! You were giving everybody really big smiles. You’re so good eating out as well. I took a little packed lunch for you because I don’t think you’re quite ready for spicy curries and deep fried food! You’d probably love it actually! Also Ollie, this crying over cake thing needs to stop. You sit through anything, you’re so good but as soon as you saw cake… Crying! You only stopped crying when I gave you some cake. Cheeky monkey!


All smiles until cake got involved!
When we got home it was just me and you (Daddy was at flair club) and I was just thinking, I love being with you! I do prefer having Daddy home too but I also love it when it’s just us. You really are good company. You’ve got a lovely little personality.

I like being here to put you to bed. Daddy is really good on the weekends when I go to work but I like being here to do it. You always sleep on me! If you don’t go straight to sleep I pick you up and sing to you and you just drift off. 

I love being with you in the day times too. We don’t do much really, just play and sometimes go for a walk to the shop or park. I just like being with you. You’re a lovely little boy. 

So really I just wanted to tell you how much I love being with you! I love it when it’s just us, we have fun Ollie. You won’t remember being 11 months old when you’re older but I will and I’ll remember that you are a perfect little baby. 

My little friend!