It’s Never an Atheist!

The world has been shaken by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and it’s no surprise that social media has exploded with debates about religion, racism, stereotypes etc.  I’m not going to get into the whole debate that religion is the root of all evil, I do not believe all muslims are terrorists.  They most certainly are NOT and it is ridiculous to tar everybody with the same brush, it’s a horrible racist stereotype and generally comes from people that just aren’t very clever.  

We can’t deny though, that terrorists are religious!  I am not going to sit here claiming to know the ins and outs of their brainwashed minds and what actually led them to perform such horrific acts.  What I am going to do is speak on behalf of atheists.  I saw something on Twitter along the lines of, “It’s a bit early for speculation but we can rule out the atheists.”  That isn’t an exact quote but that was the general message.  Of course this then fuels more debate in itself.  Atheists aren’t perfect, you do get atheist criminals you know!

If you disagree with the tweet and are of the opinion that atheists cannot be separated from religious groups I’d like to highlight one very simple difference between atheists and religious people, in particular extremely religious… There is no end goal for us.  

We are not living our lives gathering brownie points on the delusion that if we are deemed good enough we will be accepted into an imaginary kingdom in the sky, life after earth, reincarnation or whatever. The only kingdom I’m inclined to believe in is Care Bear Land.  (Gotta get 80s girl references whenever I see an opportunity!)

We are not being watched.

Nobody is assessing me.  I assess myself.  My moral code, upbringing and just basic logic and common sense will determine my actions. I’m not denying atheists do bad things, they probably do but it is highly likely that their decisions are based on science and logic not delusions and aspirations for acceptance.  If an atheist killed somebody I would guarantee that there is a logical reason behind their action, most likely survival aka science.  We are programmed to fight or flight, if we fight it’s because there is a chance we can survive as a result.  An atheist could potentially go psycho and become a serial killer, again, scientific!  That would be an issue with brain chemistry and I would then liken it to religion because often when people go psycho they believe voices ‘told them to do it’ which actually mirrors religion in some ways.  When somebody straps a vest to themselves and is willing to die in the name of faith…

I’ve talked about similar issues before when I described heaven as The Abortion Clinic.  I understand that faith can be a comfort to a lot of people, the belief that their Nan is looking over them or that their dad was reunited with their mom but when religion starts to dictate vile actions with horrific consequences, you can’t deny that religion has severely negative impacts on the world!

I am not praying for Paris and a great article (please click and read it) has been going round saying that they don’t want our prayers.

Saying that you’re praying for Paris is essentially saying, “I’m doing sod all!”  I understand that people say they’re praying basically because they are doing sod all, simply because there really isn’t much we can do.  So to say prayers, is to say you’re feeling for them and you do care.  Why not just say that then!  I do care about Paris.  I want peace for Paris.  I feel so sad for all those people. Bar staff that were working on a Friday night, I can relate to that, its awful!  The pregnant woman hanging form a window, I cried.  To not only fear for your own life but that of your unborn baby, there are no words.  Slightly off on a tangent here, but when I went to New York and visited the 9/11 memorial, all of the names of the people that died are inscribed on the fountains and the thing that set me off was a lady’s name followed by and her unborn baby. Genuinely chilling.  I was pregnant with Ollie at the time.  We feel for these people because we relate to them and that is enough you know.  If you can do more then great but if you can’t, caring is enough.  The problem with the world is all the c*&@s that do not care.

Atheists live for now.  I am living today as today and tomorrow I will live for tomorrow.  I am not making decisions in my life to impact an afterlife.  I am often criticised for saying when I die I genuinely don’t care if my body gets thrown in the canal! I will 100% donate my body to science when I die, they can cut me up and do what the flip they want if it will help develop medical science.  If my organs can keep somebody else alive, go science!

The point is, I understand that when my life is over, I cease to exist.  I will not gain entry through the pearly gates for confessing to Father Des that I fight with my sisters and I was forgiven and went on to live a sin free life.  (I went to catholic schools.) So I live each day as it comes and seek validation from myself.  I trust that I am capable of assessing whether I am a worthy person or not.

Extreme religions do not share that belief.  That is the difference and that’s why its never an atheist.

  • Tori Gabriel

    Oh Jo. You’ve done it again, what a brilliant post! Will be sharing. I totally agree but at the same time I don’t think these scum can be truly relugious either. It just seems to be a mask to hide their evil behind. Most religions at least try to promote peace.

    • MommaBoss

      That’s a very good point! Maybe they don’t actually believe in anything but religion is just an excuse like somebody told them to do it!