Joovy Caboose Review

I admit that I have a little obsession with pushchairs! The Joovy Caboose is my latest purchase. I blame it on my inner child, I had loads of pushchairs for my dolls.  Now I have four pushchairs in my house and two at my moms!

My first pushchair was my Britax Affinity which I loved with Ollie, then I had a Mothercare Nanu to leave at my moms, then 2 Mothercare Jive’s as Ollie got older.  When Ted was born Ollie was only 2 and a half so not quite ready to walk everywhere so I got a Cosatto Shuffle and recently I’ve switched to a Joovy Caboose.


  • This pushchair is the best double I’ve come across.  It is so lightweight, I can push it with one hand. It has a reclining front seat for a younger baby (from 3 months) and a rear seat or buggy board for an older child (2 years plus).
  • There is an option to make it suitable from newborn with an attachment to fix any car seat onto the front and then the older child has to stand instead of sit.
  • Suitable for up to age 5. It isn’t a traditional double as it isn’t a baby pushchair, it’s more like a family pushchair. The rear seat or buggy board is suitable for little kids who get tired walking.
  • The front seat would probably last up to age 2, Ollie has sat in there for a nap but he’s too big really.
  • There are attachments to turn the rear seat into a forward facing seat making it suitable for under two.
  • The hood and tray are removable making it easy to store and get baby in and out.

And more pros…

  • It fits in the boot! I loved my Cosatto but it didn’t fit in the boot of a Ford Focus or Audi A3! We managed to squeeze it in diagonally but it wasn’t exactly safe.  This Joovy Caboose lies flat in the boot leaving space for shopping or luggage.
  • There is a large hood making a great sun shade or rain cover.

  • It’s quite cheap! I paid £124.99 for this on Amazon and the extra seat is £34.99, rain cover is £19.99. There is also a parent organiser add on for £20.  So even with all the accessories it’s less than £200 for a double!
  • When the rear seat is reclined and just used for one child you can’t even tell it’s a double, it takes up no extra space!

  • One of the best things about this is that a supermarket basket fits on the back seat so if you only have the younger child with you it makes shopping really easy!


  • There isn’t much to criticise about this pushchair to be honest.  The only real negative is the the older child can’t nap in the seat because it’s like a little bench seat rather than a typical pushchair seat.
  • The rear seat in unusable if the front seat is fully reclined but the buggy board can still be used.
  • Not suitable from birth unless with a car seat but the rear seat is unusable with a car seat.
  • Ollie isn’t a fan of getting on the seat for some reason but once he’s in he’s fine! That’s just my kid, not the pushchairs fault…




When purchasing a double pushchair there are two big factors to consider which I didn’t take into consideration with my first double.

  1. Will it fit in your life! Doubles will generally be wider and longer than single pushchairs, make sure it will fit in your car and through your front door.  It becomes a massive inconvenience if it is not easy to move around.
  2. The weight of your children.  If like me your child is big for their age or coming towards the end of their pushchair days you need to consider that they might make a pushchair hard work.  The shuffle was a lovely looking pushchair but because Ollie was at the front it made it a real workout to push and steer.  With the Joovy Caboose Ollie is at the back so it’s not front heavy, the weight is distributed much better when the bigger child is at the back.  If the age gap is 12- 18 months I don’t think this would really be an issue but 2 years plus and the weight difference between a baby and bigger toddler needs to be considered.