Lady of the Dance!

I am so young right now! Well, for now… My friend Louise however, is now old. She turned 30 a few weeks ago and I wanted to get her something that she’d remember as a decent present rather than the usual bottles of wine! She does love wine but I thought of something even better. We both love all forms of dance, I’m especially into ballet and she’s an Irish dance teacher so when I discovered Lord of the Dance was on in London I decided that was the perfect present. 

I only have two friends that I’ve stayed in touch with from school, I met Caroline on day one of Year 7 and I knew Louise early on but we became proper friends when all the smart people were put together and we were in top set for maths! Haha!

It was actually quite emotional when the music started, for a couple of reasons… Irish dance always reminds me of school, every special Mass and assembly had Irish dancers perform and it did make me think, woah we have been friends for about 18 years! It’s a nice thought that we’ve chosen to keep in touch all these years!

Also, it was just really nice to see my friend happy! Being a treblemaker (see what a did there) shouting out, “Go on Cathal!” at the Lord and joining in with the arm movements!

If you’ve read any of my ramblings you’ll know how much I admire my nephew Tom, one of his catchphrases is, “Never give up!” He does anything he sets out to do! Riding a bike, playing guitar, Race for Life… He commits and goes for it!

The opening of Lord of the Dance had a reel of the history of the show and Michael Flatley talking over about how it was just a dream and he never gave up and well, the rest is history!

That part made Louise well up because she followed her dreams!

Louise is another wonderful example of ‘Never Give Up’ she decided she wanted to Irish dance when she was 12 and then wanted to teach and a few years ago she worked so bloody hard and passed her teaching exam and now has her own dance school. I always just assumed she’d danced from age 3. I’m so impressed that it was a late start and she’s achieved so much. She is an inspiration and proof that you should #NeverGiveUp oh and if you think that’s impressive, she’s also had a massive promotion in her day job this year!

There aren’t many people that I’m proud to have in my life, as I get older I’m willing to cut people off and quite happy to be left with a handful of people in my life.

My two best friends aren’t going anywhere! Unless they friend divorce me…

I’ll tell some stories about Caroline when she’s 30!

I really want to join Louise’s adult class now so that I can be inspired by the Lady of the Dance! I would like Ollie to join in a few years too, he could be the Lord one day! If me and Ollie both join though, I want us to have a mother/ son routine if there is ever a school show!

If you’re reading this from the South Birmingham area check out Gra Na Rince for classes and follow your dance dreams!

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