Little Lamby bump!
Little Lamby bump!

Well I made it safely to New York! I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve ever been scared on a plane. There was a bit of turbulence and I mean a bit, I’ve experienced way worse and not been scared in the slightest – Dubai 2012 it was so bad the lady next to me had a drink on the table and it hit the ceiling and splashed on me. Not fussed, that’s air travel for ya! Vegas 2010 and 2011 – terrible on the return both times, so bad I couldn’t write in my book as it was just scribble. I think I just went to sleep. NYC 2014 – one dip and I wanted to cry! I guess it’s maternal instinct I just want my baby to be ok. I felt bad for putting myself on a plane.

Even thought the midwife said its fine, my pregnancy magazine says second trimester is the best time to travel, NHS website says its safe. But I just thought I hope my baby is ok, if I caused any damage I’d hate myself forever! When we got to the hotel I felt bad but I listened to the little heartbeat and it was 148bpm so that’s good. And I did feel baby moving around a lot when we were on the plane especially when we were taking off. When we sat down I could feel a hard bit, dunno if it was head or back but it was at the front, when we took off I felt the little flutter feeling and then I couldn’t feel the hard bit anymore. I hope baby was excited and moving not scared and hiding!

We were so tired when we got here but determined not to go to sleep and lose the first afternoon so we went to the Empire State Building, baby has been all the way to the top! Then Madame Tussaud’s and walked around Times Square and had a McDonalds by this time it was about 9pm NYC so 2am to us so we’d been awake far too long and just went to bed!

When I went out in the cold today I felt baby fluttering I hope baby doesn’t feel the cold, Shell said I should stop worrying! I’d be worried with no movement, worried with movement in the cold! That’s being a mom I suppose! Everything is just a worry. I finally understand why my mom developed a fear of heights when she had kids. She said she was fine before but then she was scared for us rather than her. Well, last night I refused to go in the 4D movie! I’m not scared of sudden jolts and vibrating chairs but I was scared what it might do to baby. So I didn’t go in. There’s also another simulater ride in ESB but I don’t wanna go on that either. I don’t wanna risk it.

Baby’s new nickname is Lamby. Me and my sisters refer to ourselves as the herd. This started as a joke because when we were kids our Nan’s house was like a second home we’d go in and play, make a mess, run around or whatever but if ever there was an… Unknown adult visiting at the same time we would instantly stick together like a herd and sit in a corner quietly until the stranger left! So it started off funny but then we thought well we do actually still stick to the herd. We are always hanging out together and have our own ridiculous jokes that nobody gets and our own catchphrases that aren’t funny but they are! Like, “see how you get on” and “any joy?” So they decided baby is the smallest member of the herd and therefore called little Lamby!

Lamby liked the Broadway shows, I could feel little fluttering when they started. We saw Wicked and Cinderella. Lamby has got a few new outfits and a little toy lamb that Shell bought from FOA Schwartz (the toy shop in Big). We also went to the top of the Rockerfeller and on a carriage ride in Central Park. And cruise to Liberty Island. Lamby has been on every type of transport! Plane, yellow cab, boat, carriage, coach, black cab!

I was ok on the plane coming back. I just went to sleep because it was a night flight. I was asleep when we landed! Flying is safe when pregnant but I don’t think I wanna fly again. It’s more mentally unsafe than physically. I’m ok and baby is ok but worrying about movements and air pressure etc stressed me out so I don’t think I’d plan to fly again when pregnant.



  • I really understood you Jo, I remember being the same on a coach from Bristol!! A plane is much worse! You’re never going to stop worrying now though even when lamby is born you’ll feel for him/her in every way and find you’re much more emotional. I think that means you’re a good mom though I don’t understand people who can just switch off from their kids. Anyway Tom thinks hes cool for going on the big one before he was even born so wait til we tell baby they’ve been on top of the rock, ESB, Liberty Island… It was a brill trip and I’m glad we went, now I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl lamby….

  • Jo that really shows that you are going to be a good mommy. You have to be a mom to understand one. When your a nanny you have twice the love so its even more worrying. I just wanted you all back safe. Wait til little one goes on fair rides, then you will realise just what I went through and why Mish was so like me. Xxx