Little Gnashers Teething Jewellery

Little Ted is almost 7 months old now and I can see and feel his top teeth but they haven’t quite popped yet!

He is being chilled out with his teeth, we haven’t had any major problems with him being particularly unsettled or up in the night.

He likes copying his big brother and brushing his teeth when they’re in the bath and he loves chewing anything.

I never used any teething jewellery with Ollie but I wish I did, I’d definitely recommend getting a teething bangle or necklace!

We’ve been using Little Gnashers bangle in blue.

It is a small business that produces handmade silicone teething jewellery in a range of colours.

I love this because I’m quite an unorganised, go with the flow type of person but because I’m wearing this I don’t forget to pack a toy/ teether and it’s great for little trips out where you might need a little bit of entertainment or distraction for your baby.

The design is perfect because of the raised edges Ted can comfortably chew it but the edges are soft and safe because of the material used.

He loves it, he chews it while it’s on me and likes to play with it too. The colour is nice and bright so Ted spots it from far away!

It might sound weird but it dries quickly too! Some toys get really soggy and messy but this doesn’t. He chews it and plays with it but I can still put it back on and it doesn’t feel slimy!

Too clean it I wash it in normal soapy water and sterilise it with his other baby stuff.


Little Gnashers is operated by a Mom called Victoria and you can buy Little Gnashers jewellery in the Etsy shop and give them a follow on Instagram too!


Welcome to Little Gnashers! Contemporary teething jewellery handmade in East London from BPA free silicone and organic Canadian maple hardwood beads.
Choose from 28 colours in hexagons, quadrates, spheres and rings. All necklaces are threaded on strong cotton cord and feature a breakaway safety clasp for your peace of mind.