Little Olivia. 

Hi Ollie, 

I am just writing a quick blog to tell you a funny story and to say… I’m sorry!

Ollie you have inherited my crazy fringe. Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a crazy fringe. It just doesn’t stay straight. In most of my childhood pictures I’ve got a crazy fringe. 


baby haircut
No prizes for guessing which one is Momma…
Now that I’m older I usually straighten or blow dry it straight but most days I wake up with a sticking up fringe. 

So not only am I sorry that I’ve given you my hair but… I thought I was helping Ollie I promise… I cut your fringe because it was always in your eyes and flicking. 

Since I’ve cut your fringe, strangers think you’re a girl! A few times now people have said, “aww look at her lovely hair!” I think I’ve just drawn attention to your hair or something! You are pretty for a boy too so I really didn’t help. I keep laughing Ollie!

You won’t care when you’re older I promise! I dress you in blue when we go out now, no more neutral colours for you mate!

Sorry little Olivia… I mean Oliver! Xx 

baby haircut
Sorry Ollie!