MADS 2015.

A couple of days ago I posted in a Blogging Group asking new bloggers to share their blogs.  I asked because I had a few blogs I wanted to nominate for the MADS, blogging awards but I wanted to put the newbies out there too.  I love Honest Mum and Wry Mummy, I nominated them for the BIBS but they have a big following already so I thought I’d nominate some new bloggers as well as a couple of established bloggers. 

I’m not claiming to be some kind of authority figure or think I’m going to make a massive difference but if somebody liked my blog enough to nominate me I’d be grateful and like to know.  

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards

So this is who I’ve nominated.

Blog of the Year.

I really like You Baby, Me Mummy, its a good inspiring blog for new bloggers. Aby works really hard on it so she deserves some recognition.

Best Pregnancy.

Life With Baby Kicks is a great blog. I wanted to nominate Laura for Travel too but her pregnancy diary and birth stories are so good to read so I’ve nominated in this catergory.

Best Baby.

I’ve recently discovered Brodella and its a lovely baby blog. Lauren is a new fairly blogger and I’ve nominated her for Best Baby blog.

Best Pre-School.

Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap has one of the most honest toddler blogs ever. I like how she tells it like it is and her little girl is adorable!

Best Family Travel.

I discovered Mummy Travels through a link on Life With Baby Kicks and it is a detailed, dedicated travel blog so I thought it deserved a nomination.

Best Family Fun.

Entertaining Elliot has some great information from Elaine about family days out along with a lot of fun photos! This looks like a fun family!

Best Craft.

I’m not sure if Swords and Snoodles is intended as a craft blog bit theres loads of great activities from Becci to do with young children. I can’t wait to make edible paint!

Best Food.

I’ve nominated Shauna at My Moo and Woo for the recipe section. Altohugh it’s not a dedicated food blog, there are some really great recipes and they are laid out well and easy to follow. I want Nutella parcels!

Best Writer.

I’ve been cheeky and nominated myself – Momma Boss! One of my ambitions is to write a book so I’d love to be Best Writer.

Best Photography.

I love all the photos Jasmine adds to tell the stories in Mummy and Her Mini. They are lovely pictures and so nice that she captures so many memories.

There were a few catergories that I haven’t voted in. I didn’t want to just pick blogs for the sake of it.

Best Thrifty.
Best Home.
Best Schooldays.

I struggled to find blogs in these categories. I’ve read loads of great blogs over the past few days, thank you to everybody that commented. I wish I could nominate some more!

If you want to nominate your favourites you can do it here, but hurry up voting closes soon!

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards
  • Ah thank you so much! I’m going to go find more blogs to read and make my nominations! Back to the thread for some inspiration xx

  • It’s so lovely that you have put forward some newer blogs, and that you have shared your nominations too. I didn’t vote in the Thrifty category but I managed to think of one I liked for all the other groups. I think most of the bloggers I nominated were pretty established ones, but not necessarily the same ones you always see. I tried to go for a bit of variety πŸ™‚ I hope you get nominated too! Have a lovely day xx

    • All of the established blogs were newbies once! The newbies deserve a chance to get noticed! πŸ™‚

  • Well thank you very much!!!! Xxxx