Maid of Honour Wise Words…

One of my oldest and bestest friends got married last year and I was her Maid of Honour, I didn’t know if she’d want me to do a speech so I wrote one just incase but I didn’t end up giving a speech.  I was tidying up today and I found it and it has actually got a much deeper, profound meaning now, given that I was 16 weeks pregnant at her wedding.

Also, I gave a similar speech to my 9 year old nephew yesterday after he was struggling with some emotional issues on his 11 year old brothers birthday.

Photography by Tammie Louise. (Click image to link.)


So here is the speech…

I’m going to start by telling you something about my dad.  He is a man of few words but always says just the right thing.  So I’m hoping I’m going to take after my dad…

It is traditional for the wedding party to thank the guests.  I’m not going to do that. I’m going to thank Caroline and Matt for inviting us to share this special day. We are the ones that should be grateful. I hope you’ll join me in saying ‘ Thank you Caroline and Matt.’

Life is often ruled by countdowns.  I think me and Caroline have been counting down to this day longer than anybody. Matt isn’t the Kelly Jones groom we imagined but… the day is finally here!

We are all guilty of wishing our lives away by counting down to the next big event.  Those events are coming regardless of whether we wish our time away or enjoy each day.

So today I say we stop counting down and take time to enjoy and appreciate each aspect of today and quite simply – Be happy with now! So my toast is… to now!

I know it’s my own speech but it does bring a tear to my eye because people are just so guilty of ‘now what?!’

We’re engaged, now what, let’s buy a house, we’re married, now what, let’s have a baby, now what, let’s get a cat, now what, let’s go on holiday, now what, another baby…

What was wrong with simply being married? Are you any better off for racing through milestones? Did you enjoy all of your nows? Did you just need another countdown?

When will people just stop and be happy with now? One day your now what might be wishing for…NOW!

To my nephew, don’t wish your life away to be 11 just so that you can have a phone.   Enjoy NOW, being the best 9 year old guitarist in the world! Time will soon fly. 

I’m hearing Ferris Bueller in my head now, there’s always an 80s link.