About MommaBoss



MommaBoss™ is a nickname that derived from my days as a nightclub manager.  Long before I had children, I had a team of metaphorical kids!

My management style is unconventional and maternal and so I was nicknamed MommaBoss™.

Now I am a mother of two little boys and spent many years working as a boss in pubs and clubs, so I was literally Momma and Boss!

Now I run a dance fitness company in south Birmingham so I’m a Momma and my own Boss!

You can find me on social media.

Facebook.   Twitter.  Instagram.  Pinterest.

Or email: mommaboss@outlook.com

I do occasionally work with brands but I am more of a hobby blogger. I would be willing to do blogging assignments in exchange for product or a donation to Tommy’s charity. A lot of bloggers do not work for free but this is a hobby for me so I will take on projects if they are the right fit for my family! 


MommaBoss™ is a registered trademark and has been set up as online blog and content since 2014.  The name is intellectual property and should not not replicated or copied.


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