Momma Knows Best!

I seriously think that when studying for a medical degree, there should be a compulsory module called, ‘Momma Knows Best’. It is basically to teach all trainee doctors that if a mother tells you that there is something wrong with their kid, you pay attention and find out what it is! The whole module would include case studies where doctors were wrong and momma’s were right.

This has happened a few times in Ollie’s life, where doctors look at me like I’m crazy and then do what I ask and say, “Oh yes you’re right he’s got a chest infection!” That was the first time I knew best, Ollie was about 6 months old and they tried to say it was just a cold because it was that time of year, he ended up on anti biotics.

We’ve had another case study for Momma Knows Best 101 over the weekend.

Ollie is at that age where he ends up in our bed some nights, probably every other night on average we get a little visitor and he stays with us.  On Friday night he came in and got so comfy to the point where Dave was forced into the spare room as Ollie was lying across his pillow.

I’m not sure what time it was but I’d guess around 3am, I heard a little bang and looked to find Ollie had rolled off and was on the floor.  We were both half asleep so I just picked him up and we both went back to sleep.

In the morning, around 6.30am Ollie was crying in his sleep, he has done this in the past when he’s had little nightmares but I usually stroke his face and he goes back to sleep.  My trick wasn’t working, he just kept crying.  Then he woke up and couldn’t get up! He was just lying on his back crying. I called Dave and said something is wrong with Ollie, he can’t get up! I picked him up and he screamed and stood him up and he could hardly walk.  He tried to climb on his stool to brush his teeth and he was just crying.

Then I suddenly remembered… He fell out of bed!

So we called 111 and they said to go to A&E. So about 8am we went to A&E and there was no queue at all so we went straight in.

At first we all thought there was something wrong with his legs, they said he could have toddler fractures from falling so they x-rayed his legs. Nothing wrong.

We noticed that every time we picked him up he cried and pulled a painful face.  They said there was no obvious injury and he was moving around fine so they were happy to send him home, just give him calpol as pain relief as he’s probably a bit bruised. We had a follow up appointment for today (Tuesday) but they said if he’s ok then cancel it.

His legs were absolutely fine but he continued to pull the face every time we picked him up. He was struggling to climb up his slide too.  I knew he wasn’t right so we were definitely going to the appointment.  We went in and they said he’s fine, nothing orthopedically wrong with him.  He was moving around and seemed happy enough but still doing the face.  The doctor was ready to send us home and then he said it could be his collar bone as he looked a bit bruised.  It was a yellow, very pale bruise hardly noticeable.

We were sent for another x-ray (Ollie hates x-rays!) and you know what’s coming… Momma Knows Best! I knew he wasn’t right.  He has a hairline fracture on his collar bone which isn’t a big deal medically, the medication is – be nice and gentle with Ollie and it will heal in two weeks.  The doctor must have thought I was mad saying thats not his face but its not! I kind of felt like he was sending us for the x-ray to shut me up but when we went back in I felt like saying,”There! Momma knows best!”

I’m not happy that he’s fractured, I’m happy that I know what that face is for! I know where he is hurting and how to make life easier for Ollie over the next two weeks. For all I knew it could’ve been his ribs or arm or anything.  I wanted an answer! When we left the doctor the second time round Ollie waved like, yeh you’re nice now that you’ve checked me! He was crying when we first went in.

The point is, Moms know their kids better than anyone.  If we say something is different, its different.  We’re not psychos that are trying to get our money’s worth on the NHS… we know!

I trust my Momma!
I trust my Momma!