Mothercare Nanu Stroller Review.

I have a red Mothercare Nanu+ pushchair. I bought it as a second pushchair to leave at my Mom’s house because she looks after Ollie a lot! So instead of bringing my Britax Affinity back and forth I thought I’d get a ‘spare’ pushchair.

Ollie started using this pushchair from around 6 months.


Great for Travel.

We have taken it on weekend trips in Britain and abroad to Spain when Ollie had his first trip abroad. Once you’ve figured out how… It’s really quick to fold up and down. We have taken this pushchair to central London and Paris and as much as I love my Affinity, I’m glad I took this instead! Much quicker and lighter to fold and carry.

mothercare nanu
Chilling in Spain!


We took it abroad so I know it weighs 7kg. This is really light and you can easily carry baby in one arm, pushchair in the other when getting on and off planes, buses or even walking up stairs! It even has a strap so you can carry it on your back.

Great variety of colours.

There is the Nanu and Nanu+ and so there are a variety of colours to suit your taste. I picked red and the seat cover is reversible so I can have red stripe or plain red.

Great Price.

When I had Ollie I did say that designer pushchairs are a show off accessory because women spend hundreds on pushchairs when you can get a great little pushchair like this at a really good price. I paid £55 for mine in a sale but the RRP is £49.99- £54.99 for the Nanu and £69.99 for the Nanu+.  So it is possible to have a really nice pushchair in the region of £50.

Suitable from Birth.

The seat lies flat so and the straps and footrest are adjustable so it really is perfectly suitable for a new born. It is also good for napping because it lies flat. I personally like parent facing for newborns but this is a perfectly acceptable pushchair from birth for a really good price.

Great for Shopping.

There is a good shopping basket and because there are two separate handles instead of one long one, you can hook your bags on it!

mothercare nanu
See the amount of bags and coats stored on it!

Great for Summer.

It has a nice hood that folds over to create some shade, lies flat for older babies and toddlers to have a little siesta and it comes with a compact rain cover which can be easily attached when there is a little shower.


Not Suitable for Extreme Weather.

I was on Blackpool seafront with Ollie in the Britax Affinity. This is great because the cover on that is elasticated so it stays on in bad winds. This pushchair is so lightweight that the cover blows around a lot if it’s very windy or rainy.

Not really an all terrain pushchair.

We took this pushchair to Ironbridge and some of the streets are old fashioned and have cobbles. My Britax Affinity glides over anything! This was really bumpy! Ollie sleeps for hours in the Affinity, he hardly slept on bumpy streets!

mothercare nanu
The footmuff isn’t included but it’s a standard size. This is the one from the Britax Affinity.

Slightly awkward at first.

When I first got this, I could not figure out how to fold it down. Maybe I was just dumb but it took a few tries to get the knack of it. The seat unit is a bit stiff at first too and doesn’t glide up and down easily. I’m sure it will loosen over time but I can’t do it one handed!


Overall it is a really good pushchair. It’s perfect for a second pushchair if you are back and forth to relatives a lot. It’s great for travel, on and off public transport or travelling abroad. A perfect budget pushchair from birth! The only time I wouldn’t recommend this is if you live in the countryside or somewhere with rough terrain, it’s definitely more of a slick city pushchair!

mothercare nanu
Perfect second pushchair or for a budget pushchair!