Mrs Jumbo Syndrome

I’ve got to admit before I go on, #MrsJumboSyndrome isn’t one of my theories, my older sister Michelle was the first to create it and I understand it now and I’m going to write about it but credit her…

Sorry Shell, just put that in to make you cry.

To be fair, any mother will probably cry if you listen to that song. It is basically about someone being nasty about your kid and going all Mrs Jumbo on them.

If they knew all about you,
They’d end up loving you, too.
All those same people who scold you,
What they’d give just for the right to hold you.

So everyone knows the story of Dumbo don’t they?  She’s waiting for her little baby, she finally gets him and to her he is perfect but the nasty bitchy moms start laughing at him and slagging them off because he’s different and he’s got big ears.

As any mother would, she goes all psycho on the bitches and ends up getting locked up and separated form her baby because she’s a nutcase.  She’s not, she’s a mom!

My sister thought I was Mrs Jumbo when I got separated from Ollie when I was in hospital after my c-section.  This is what she imagined every time Ollie got taken home after visiting me…

In fact Shell is that mouse…

She’s crying reading this you know…

Anyway back to

Mrs Jumbo Syndrome

So #MrsJumboSyndrome is when you go psycho because someone gives you shit about your kids.  For me my main thing is doctors and employers.

I went to the doctors a while ago because I knew Ollie needed help with his hearing and the doctor was horrible to me and laughed at me and I did turn into Mrs Jumbo, I cried and told him he was horrible and demanded to see the manager, complained and then went back the next day to see a different doctor and got a referral and Ollie had grommets!

The funny thing about this story was my mom was waiting for me outside, so it was a double Mrs Jumbo, I went psycho over my kid but then because someone made her kid cry she went psycho too.  Don’t mess with Moms!

There have been other times but I won’t bore you with my crazy behaviour.



The moral of the story is, don’t mess with moms.  There is no stronger bond on earth than a mothers love for her children.  Mess with that and you are going to see shit hit the fan.

mrs jumbo syndrome

Has anyone got any good Mrs Jumbo stories to share?