My Baby is Cuter Than Yours…

It’s not as controversial as it sounds don’t worry…

My nephew Jake inspired this idea. He said to me, “Do you find it weird when people say Ollie is cute? Like, what are you meant to reply!” Yes Jake!

I find it weird when people react to my reply like I’ve said something wrong. 

This is a typical conversation:

Stranger Mother, “Aww he’s lovely!”

Me, “I agree he is!” 

Then I get a funny look. I know typically if you get a compliment you’re not meant to agree, for example:

Stranger Mother, “Lovely dress it really suits you!”

Me, “I agree I’m looking good right?” I’m aware that is not the correct response in that social situation. The correct answer is, “This old thing/ I don’t look as good as you/ Nah I feel fat!” Personally I think the first response should be ok but I know it’s not! 

If you tell me my baby is cute, clever, lovely, has a nice smile/ outfit/ hair… Whatever! I will always agree! I will never go, “Nah this old thing!” Or “Yours is cuter.” Or “He’s cute but you should see him in his blue outfit.” 

I will compliment other babies, I find other babies cute too! 

However, I think my baby is cuter than every other baby I have ever seen. I think that is normal. If a mother came up to me and said, “Not fair! Your baby is way cuter!” That would be weird. It’s not weird for me to agree my baby is lovely. I don’t compare Ollie to other babies, I just automatically know you can show me any baby and Ollie will still be the best.  

It’s ok to think mine is the best! I think all mothers feel the same and I’m ok with you thinking your baby is cuter than mine. 

He’s even cuter than Prince George and that is one cute kid but nobody is cuter than my little Oliver! I’m sure Kate thinks George is cuter than Ollie, I understand Kate! 

Please tell me you all think your baby is the best and I’m not weird for agreeing when somebody compliments him!


  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    I agree – now I have a dilemma with 2 boys as to which is cuter though they are both gorgeous! I read something about compliments a few years ago that I always keep in mind and always just say “thank you”