My Eyes Adored You.

Last Christmas Dave bought me tickets to see Frankie Valli, the show was today! For anyone that knows us you’ll know we have an… Interesting and long love story! I’m going to share some snippets of the story and did you know I got into blogging because me and Dave used to write blogs to each other? If a film maker ever got into my secret blog there would be an excellent film in the making…


Anyway, one of the many times we ‘got back together’ was January 2013 when we spent a couple of days in London and in 2 days we attended a drink aware conference, saw Singin in the Rain, Wicked and our favourite… JERSEY BOYS! We love musicals and we love Frankie Valli so it was one of my favourite nights out!

The first time we fell in love was when he was my magician! We met because of magic! That is a whole other story but to sum up I loved magic, he did tricks. Perfect match. The ‘ot oh’ moment as I call it was when he did a trick for me that involved taking my pulse. Don’t ask me why but I knew I liked him too much then!  There are many other things that attracted us to each other but this is a blog not a Sheridan Smith 3 part drama on ITV so I’m trying to stick to the main points. 

Another thing we loved together was How I Met Your Mother. If you’ve seen it you’ll understand why he bought me a blue French horn ornament in our early days. 

A couple of years ago we were watching HIMYM and I said he should do this for me one day…

He doesn’t remember anything. Which can be annoying sometimes because I remember every single word. I remember what songs were playing on certain dates. What we drank etc. 

Remember those things as we come back to present day. 

So I dropped little Ollie off at my sisters earlier  and went into town to meet Dave as he gets the train home through town. 

We met at Birmingham International because Frankie was on at the Genting Arena and there is no where open to get dinner! Subway and a Wetherspoons, that’s it. Hurry up and open Resorts World. 

So we had dinner in Wetherspoons. Just chatting away about bars and blogs as we normally do.

Then after dinner he did a card trick for me. The card trick that involved taking my pulse! Aww he remembered! 

Then he told me he’d been practising a new magic trick at work, it’s called The Vault. I had to get a coin and sign it and it was then wrapped in flash paper. Now if you don’t know what flash paper is, my nephews call it… FIREBALLS! Basically a temporary ball of fire. He asked me to set the paper on fire in the middle of the NEC in the second city next door to the airport amidst all the recent terrorists attacks and everyone on high alert.

I said no! We’ll get thrown out. I was saying go outside and show me. No. He set it on fire with half the staff behind us and they ran off almost crying. 

My coin had vanished and he told me to look in the Vault. It’s a little safe that was on his keys. It’s like a nest of boxes on a key ring. I said no way is my coin in there… So I opened the little boxes and can you believe it, the coin that was wrapped in flash paper and was set on fire….

…wasn’t in there!

My moms ring was in there!


If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s my moms ring that I said I wanted for my engagement ring! It’s so 80s looking, I decided a while ago that it was my ring. And now it is!

When I realised what was in the Vault, it was so much more impressive than the coin! Haha! Then he was on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes! It was the perfect way to ask me! Frankie Valli, magic, in a bar! It’s us! 

My Eyes Adored You is our song because it’s about admiring each other from afar but never doing much about it, “So close, so close and yet so far!” Maybe I’ll write some more blogs one day or release the private blogs so I can fill in some of the gaps…

So to play you out, Mr Frankie Valli. Who, by the way has very much ‘still got it’! He opened with Grease and I thought I was watching the original film. He sounds exactly the same! 

I think this is the best day of my year! I can’t say best day ever because I’ve got Ollie! 

Best of Worst
  • Mummy in Training

    What a beautiful story. Love that you wrote blogs to each other!! #bestandworst xx

    • MommaBoss

      Thanks 🙂 the old blogs are very interesting! Haha! I wrote a lot of metaphors!

  • Abby Samuel

    Congrats! Great love story x

  • Helen

    Ahh oh my goodness this is so lovely 🙂 🙂 Put a smile on my face, thanks so much for sharing it with the #bestandworst Helen x

  • Amy

    I can’t believe this, how wonderful I love it! X