My Little Bump!

If you remember my original blog way back in January 2014, my tag line was ‘My Little Bump.’ So today I took some pictures of my little bump. I have always felt like I want 4 kids but now I just feel like Ollie might be an only child. 

What will happen next? Third trimester miscarriage? Screw that! 

Ollie makes everyday better so that’s Ollie’s   official job now… Making everyday better! I feel guilty smiling and laughing but Ollie is just too perfect.  I was thinking I might not have a bump again so here is me, Ollie and little bump!

It’s going to be horrible going to hospital coming out with no bump (or at least a smaller bump) but no baby. It doesn’t seem right. I didn’t have a bump last time so it wasn’t as weird. I hadn’t told everyone I was pregnant either so it was mostly sad for me and Dave but now it’s not just my little son or daughter that’s gone. It’s a little grandchild, cousin, friend, niece or nephew that’s gone. 

I know Ollie is too little to know that he’s not having a little brother or sister anymore but he knows we’re not right. Dave was stroking my leg last night and little Ollie joined in bless him! Just stroked my leg! 

And he’s been giving us lots of kisses and cuddles. He would’ve been a lovely big brother he’s such a nice little boy. 

Ollie is at my sisters house now, Dave went to cover for me at work and I’m in my old room at my moms just watching Burlesque!

I went to hospital today and took a stupid pill that will start to make me go into labour. I’ve got to go back on Sunday and then stay in until it’s over. I can go back earlier if I get pains or feel unwell. 

So I’m just waiting to be in pain now… Crappest countdown ever. 


My special little friend! ❤️
  • Tori Gabriel

    Thinking of you. I hope your writing helps in some small way. Ollie is your little star. He’ll get you through. Sending hugs.

  • Emma Lambert

    I’m thinking of you and your family at this awful time x

  • Mum in a Nutshell

    How utterly pants, no words can make it any better other than sending hugs

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    I have no words no, your strength is inspiring and I’m sending you lots and lots of love xx