My Toddler Hates Veg!

A couple of weeks ago, Ollie decided he hates veg now. He has loved peas and carrots his whole life and broccoli and cauliflower cheese were his favourite when he first discovered food.

Now he spits them out or throws them on the floor!

Why Ollie?

Being the over thinker that I am I thought, I don’t think he hates the taste. I think it’s the texture of it because he will put them in his mouth, chew and then pull a face. It’s not just veg, he’ll eat a chicken nugget but not a piece of roast chicken. I’m the same I’ll eat cheap minced up stuff but I hate the texture of joints of meat.

I don’t like the texture of some foods even though I like the taste so I thought maybe he’s the same. He’s also like me with food because he loves potato. Chips, mash, jacket, smileys, waffles, if it’s potato he’ll eat it.

As much as I agree with him I don’t really want to encourage a carb only diet.

So we’ve been having Mommas special mash for dinner. It’s basically veg mashed to smitherines. Some potato to blend it together but it’s essentially a crap load of veg boiled and made to feel like potato texture!

He’s been eating broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweet corn all secretly spread out on cottage pie like it’s completely normal…

So momma does know best! He likes the flipping taste he’s just fussy about how it feels!

I’m really not one of these Pinterest perfect moms that slave away in the kitchen making treats all day. I can cook actually and I’m good at cakes but you’ll never see any recipes from me because my kitchen is a mess. I’d get picked on for preparing food next to… Yesterday’s dirty plates. (The worst part is I’ve done at least 6 food hygiene courses one of them was advanced! And passed every time!)

The good thing about the special mash is you can just make one massive batch and then freeze it and use to for different meals. Putting it into a muffin tray is good because it’s a perfect portion size!

Cottage pie is a good one, classic sausage and ‘mash’ or if you want to get adventurous roll bits into balls and dip in egg, breadcrumbs, Parmesan, bake it and it really tricks them. A bit of grated cheddar cheese mashed in makes it extra nice too but I do put cheese on everything!

I would happily eat cheesy chips for every meal but I can’t let Ollie turn out like me so this special mash makes sure he gets at least some goodness into him!

Stay tuned for our next episode, Mommas Special Mash: The Christmas Edition. Starring Mr Sprout and Mrs Parsnip.


Hey Ollie! Wanna play hide and seek? 😄

You’re going to love it Ollie…


…Yes Momma Dog is gonna love it! She thinks she can trick me!