Nimble Babies Review

I came across Nimble Babies on Twitter and thought it looked like a fab product!

It’s a mild detergent that breaks down milk proteins and provides a safe and effective clean for babies bottles.

This product has won several awards due to its creativity and innovation.

I have to admit, I am not a neat freak and have found the occasional bottle and wished I’d found it sooner…

I also have a toddler who loves pouring milk from one cup to another and sometimes he’ll leave cups hidden in random places that I find a couple of days later…

So I thought this would really be helpful in our household!

Ted is breastfed which I find is less clumpy than formula, Ollie was formula fed and that really left cloudy bits stuck on the bottle.  I find breastmilk less clumpy but it separates easily so tends to stick further up the bottle whereas formula settled on the bottom.

I feed Ted when I’m home but when I’m working he drinks expressed milk from a bottle so we do get through a few cycles of bottle and pump cleaning per week.

On top of that Ollie drinks several cups of cows milk so I thought I’d test it on his cups too.


I have used it on bottles, cups and pumps and it works really well.

It did break the milk down really quickly and easily.  It is mild and non soapy too which I liked because washing bottles in normal washing up liquid makes the bottles really soapy and I end up washing them again in plain water but this doesn’t leave any soapy marks or bubbles!

It is really simple and easy to use you pour water in the bottle add a couple of sprays and then brush as usual and rinse it out!

They come up nice and clean and Ollie’s cups were ready to use straight away, Ted’s bottles were sterilised as they would have been with a normal washing up liquid.

I would say the main advantage of using this over an average washing up liquid is how mild it is, you don’t need strong smelling soap to get the bottles clean which feels better when it comes to baby stuff because their little bodies are so sensitive.

It retails at £5.99 for a 200ml bottle but you really don’t use much at a time so it lasts ages (longer than Fairy!? That would make a good advert!)

There is also a travel bottle which is £2.99 for 60ml which I personally think is perhaps more useful than the main product because it is great for travelling.  I would always forget washing up liquid on a holiday with Ollie!  This can just be kept in your changing bag or even hand luggage friendly.

If you were out and about you could just use it straight after a feed and clean the bottle straight away instead of carrying them around and waiting to clean them when you get home.

Overall its a great product for busy moms and a quick, easy and mild way to clean baby bottles.


You can purchase Nimble Babies on their website here.

Or you can contact them via or via Twitter.



Disclosure: Nimble babies was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  Opinions on the product are my own.