No Maternity Leave‽

As you may know Ted is due in January 2017 and I run a pub full time, I work minimum 40 hours a week, minimum 5 days. 

If you’ve followed me for a while you might also know that after 12 years at my previous Momma Boss job, I was made redundant. 

So this means I wasn’t with my employer for 26 weeks when I was 15 weeks pregnant so I’m not ‘entitled’ to any pay. That’s right, zero pay! 

I got my first part time job when I was 16, I was working full time by the age of 19 and worked full time up until March this year, as a manager. I was a manager for 7 years so I’ve paid my fair share of tax and NI contributions. 

I had a 3 month break from work, only because I was getting married a month after my redundancy so for the first time in 14 years I was unemployed and didn’t contribute to ‘the system’.  I didn’t claim anything either! I lived off my crappy redundancy package for that time and then when I would’ve been about a month or so into my pregnancy, I started a new full time job and have been doing that job since June. 

I’m not entitled to company pay because I don’t have two years service and I’m not entitled to SMP because I skived off work for 3 months of my life so I’ve technically only had a job for 6 months. 

So the solution is… I’m not taking any maternity leave.

Why? Am I mad? No the answer is really simple and I use this catchphrase a lot. I made a choice.

I chose to not bother with contraception on our wedding and honeymoon. I chose to start a new job. I chose to live a lifestyle that means I need a salary and cannot simply give up work because I chose to have a baby. 

I hate the word ‘entitled’ anyway. I don’t think anybody is entitled to maternity pay. Why should a company or government give you money because you chose to have a baby? 

What gives women the right to sit back because they had a baby? If you don’t want anything in life or you’re willing to live off your partner or the system then fine carry on. But I want stuff, I want to walk round Asda and not have to put things back because the government hasn’t given me enough money. 

I only had 12 weeks off with Ollie and that was company maternity pay. If I had anymore time off I’d have to take a dramatic pay cut. 

I want this lifestyle and I want my kids, I can have it all if I go to work! My dad drummed it into me to be a grafter. There are no quick fixes or easy way out in life. If you want something… work! 

Ted will have a sparkly new bedroom and all new stuff for him. Why? Because I work! 

Ollie has nice stuff and new paw patrol clothes all the time. Because I work. 

By the time Ollie is 10 we will be living mortgage free and I won’t even be 40! Why? Because I work! 

So many people say it’s ridiculous that I can’t live off a crappy £500 per month or whatever I’d get in maternity allowance from the job centre. 

I was living off more than that as a part time bar maid when I was 18! 

I’ve had drive and ambition and want to have a nice life. And no matter what you earn if somebody suddenly told you you’ve got to make your weeks wage last a month, you wouldn’t do it. Whether it’s £50 or £500 you live to your means and after 8 years as a manager, I live on more than £500 a month and with two kids, I’ll need more not less! 

So I’ll be going back to work! I should really have 6 weeks off for health and safety reasons because of my planned section but it won’t be long before I’m Momma Bossing again!

Momma Bossing – Ollie at work with me!
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