A No Update, Update.

Little Ted has been back in hospital for over two weeks now and the update is… there is no update.


He started chemo two weeks ago and had another bone marrow biopsy yesterday to check how it’s all working and we don’t get the results until next week.  I was under the impression we would find out straight away but we have to wait so we don’t really know.


The doctors say medically he’s doing well but he hasn’t walked for over a month so I don’t think it’s ok. The keep saying chemo causes bone pain but his only obvious pain is his knee. He won’t put any weight through his legs and cries if anyone looks at his leg but he’s not just a two year old crying because he sticks his arm out for his obs and tells them to put the thermometer in his ear so if he was just difficult he wouldn’t do that.


I think there here is an underlying issues with his knee.


It is too too convenient that it’s all in that area.


Oh yeh and I diagnosed his skin infection on his knee. Last Thursday I said Teds knee looked infected and his temperature had crept up slightly so it was obvious.


Doctors said no infection just irritated.  The next day orthopaedics came to see him, took the stitch out (that should’ve dissolved by now) and it wept and looked more swollen so they decided to do cultures and put him on antibiotics i.e. I was right.

It is still puffy and red a week later and I just feel like…. LISTEN TO ME!


Finally today they decided to send him for an x-ray because I keep going on and maybe they’re starting to think I might have a point.


In in the time I’ve been here with Ted I’ve realised that all of my drama in life come from the fact that people just don’t listen.  I’m writing the movie of my life’s in my head it’s called, Soundproof Window.


A metaphor of my life.  I feel like im looking at life through a crystal clear window, banging and pointing at issues and mistreatment but nobody can hear me. I’m the only one that can see these events unfolding.