No Wishes!

I haven’t written about my 30th birthday, I will have to do a belated birthday section! Running a nightclub and having a December birthday do not go together.

I will give a little sneak preview because I need to make a point. This is my birthday cake, you will notice something slightly odd about it. There are no candles.

The traditional thing to do is blow the candles out and make a wish but I don’t believe in wishes. When me and my sisters were kids we ripped out half our eyelashes trying to make wishes and they never came true.

I hate wishes because they take away responsibility. Why should you get something just because you want it?

I wish for a new car… Bam! There you go kid Mustang Sally is on the drive.

My rental car…

I would like a new car. Go and get a proper job, save some money and then do something crazy and buy it! Bam!

My actual car! Inspired by Mustang Sally!


True story!

I do not want to teach Ollie if you want it, ask and it will come true if you blow a flipping candle out. There’s no effort!

I’ll teach him the same thing my dad taught me, “Get your 10 cakes!” This was a metaphor that ties in nicely with the candle thing. He used to tell me if you get 10 cakes you can eat 10 cakes if you want. You can eat 2 if you want. It’s up to you. If you’ve only got 1 cake, you can never eat 2!
The cakes symbolise anything you want in life, qualifications, driving licence, a mortgage, whatever! The point was work for it and then you can decide what you want to do.

My other issue with wishes is that nothing is ever as it seems. The old Monkey Claw story, be careful what you wish for! Sometimes they might come true with disastrous consequences.

I wish to be rich… Your parents die and you inherit their house. Did you really want to be rich? Or have you just learnt a hard lesson about what value is?

I wish to be skinny… You have a severe illness and unwillingly shed half your weight. You can’t leave your house but you’re a size 8…
Ok, I know these are extreme worst case scenarios but the point is you often don’t even want what you think you want! If you wanted it so badly it would’ve taken priority by now but in fact you’ve had more important things to focus on.
If you truly wanted to be rich more than anything you could get there by working hard, promotion after promotion, you would eventually be CEO. But that would mean less time at home, little social time, possibly losing aspects of you and so you don’t want to be rich more than you want to be at home, for example.
I think it’s much better to live for now and be happy with what you have got instead of constantly chasing after more. Ultimately, whatever you’ve got is down to you so you’ve only got yourself to blame if it’s crap. You can blame whoever you like for your downfalls but it’s your life!

If you want to change something, change it because that will make your now better. Change it yourself and just get on with it. Don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight to make a change, make them all year round!
Don’t wait until you get a cake to make a change, get your cakes all year round.
Don’t rely on fantasy stories of wishes and New Years resolutions to change your reality!

Happy New Year!