Oliver! Oliver! 

Oliver! In the West End…

Ollie had his first trip to London on Sunday! Whenever I went to London pre motherhood I had two rules: No coat and no luggage! I take a backpack and a jacket! London is always hot to me. I always just travel by tube because it’s so easy so I really don’t need a coat or any baggage, I need to just fit in gaps! How mothers get round London day to day… You must be pro baby wearers! That’s the only way I’d do it every day. There are about 3 (ok slight exaggeration) tube stations with a lift so we did this…

And the lifts are like a Crystal Maze game anyway…


Left a bit right a bit… oohh you haven’t won the crystal!


So we were only passing through London en route to Disneyland Paris so I just wanted Ollie to see a few landmarks. You might be thinking he’s only one he don’t care but his cousin Jake is 10 and loves architecture so if he grows up like Jake he’ll love these photos one day.

So Ollie, you saw Big Ben and a real London phonebox with Trafalgar Square in the background!

We also looked at splash splash river Thames with the London Eye behind! Then we took you to Downing Street, that’s where the Prime Minister lives.

You had sausage and mash for dinner and then you fell asleep! So we had a little walk around TheatreLand (my favourite) before we went to bed!

We want to stay at the Savoy!

Did the London tour get a bit boring Ollie?

You liked dancing in the hotel and playing in the wardrobe.

The next morning we waited for our train to Paris and you loved running around the departure lounge! See those silver circles on the floor, you liked standing on them when you walked round.

Then we got on the Eurostar, a really fast train, faster than Thomas and Friends and we went choo choo all the way to Disneyland Paris!

You didn’t really like sitting on the train, you got bored. You like standing by the door and looking out the window with Daddy but sitting down was boring apart from when you had lunch, then you sat still!

I knew you were really tired but you like to sleep with something familiar so we set up your pushchair from Nanny’s and…

When you woke up we were in Disneyland! 😃


  • Bob Sangwell

    I think I have something in my eye! I wanted to tell you SO much about the places you visited! xxx