Oliver’s Diary: My Friend Copper. 

I haven’t seen my bedroom for a lot of nights now. I’m not scared because my mom and dad are here and I’ve still got my blanket anyway. They keep saying, “Yay Disney!” and I’m doing some really cool stuff so I think I’m safe here.

Momma has been saying if I find a friend I like she’d buy him for me. I have seen lots of nice friends but Momma said she’ll only buy my favourite.

I didn’t actually know who any of them are but they do all have names. I liked Lotso, he smelt nice. Then I liked Remy, he was cute and kept tickling me. I met a toy called Bullseye and he was nice too.

I like all of the friends. They’re all soft and like cuddles but when Momma has put them back on the shelf I didn’t mind.

But today I met a friend. He said, “Woof woof!” And jumped off the shelf. I gave him a kiss but Momma put him back so I picked him up and ran away to the other side of the shop. Momma caught me and put him on the shelf but she said when I found a friend I could kept him so I got him back and cuddled him!

The next thing I knew I was out of the shop and the dog was with me!

We walked around and then played a car game.

Then I shared my milk with him and we went home!

He looked tired so I put him to bed with my other friends OllieBear and Squeaky G and I ran around for a little while until I was tired enough for bed.


(Not staged! Ollie threw them all in bed!) 😄


I call him Dog but the parents keep saying Copper and Momma said she’s got Todd who is his other friend so we can all play together!

Disney is a nice place!


night night new friend!



Dog is a comfy pillow!


  • Tori Gabriel

    Awww, so adorable. I love it when they find “the toy”. For Jessica it’s Blaze, a black wnd white soft toy cat. She loves her so much that poor Blaze is under house arrest. I don’t want to risk losing her so she doesn’t leave the house (I’ve also bookmarked the Ebay page that sell them).

    • MommaBoss

      That’s very sensible having a back up plan! My mom had a back up Pinky incase I lost my favourite doll but I found her and just thought it was great that I had sister dolls! Haha!