Oliver’s Diary: Why Do We Cut Hair? 

The other day I really didn’t like mom and dad. I was sad with them for ages because they did something really, really bad to me. They acted all normal in the morning, breakfast, got dressed as normal took me in the car and I was not prepared for where we went. 

I went in this place that was actually quite fun when you go in. Peppa Pig was on the TV and I could see lots of toys and books. I thought it was going to be fun so I just sat in my pushchair and watched TV and then I played with a train set and everything was fun.

Then a man came over and looked at my hair.

He asked Mommy if I would go in the car or on her lap. I didn’t want to go in the car, it did look fun but I didn’t know what they were planning so I stayed with Mommy.


You expect me to drive this unknown vehicle?

The man had something I hate… SCISSORS! I hate scissors. Mommy is always pointing them at my nails, get off Mom it feels weird. Sometimes she’s tried pointing them at my hair and I push her and tell her to get off so I don’t know why she thought I’d let someone else point them at my head!

I kept pushing him away and crying really loud but he wouldn’t leave he just kept going and mommy was saying, “You look really nice Ollie!” Daddy was showing me toys and a drink but c’mon Dad, do I look interested?

It felt like forever but the man finally stopped and Mommy and Daddy were acting like he was good! Saying thank you and even gave him some of the coin things that mommy says I’m not allowed. I don’t know why he’s allowed them!


They thought I was playing trains but I just couldnt stand to look at them! Nasty parents.

I cried on the way back to the car and I was pleased to see Dog, he is nice to me not like stupid mommy and daddy. I didn’t want to look at them for the rest of the day…


Dog, I just hate them right now!

… Ok mommy and daddy are quite nice actually they let me have a go on this really fun Thomas ride!

They keep saying about wedding, does anyone know what that is? They said my hair is ready for wedding and Thomas is going to be at wedding so I don’t know if it’s going to be good or not I mean, I love Thomas but I won’t like wedding if it involves anymore hair stuff.


What was wrong with my old hair anyway?

Ollie had his hair cut at MoppHeads in Leamington Spa, I’d highly recommend – the guy was so patience with him and really good with kids.  Ollie does not recommend.