Ollie can Walk! 

Ollie has been standing up on his own since he was about 9 months. He stands up and just laughs! He finds himself really funny. Sleep suits are annoying because he trips over the feet. He is going to be wearing mostly trousers with cuffs now! 

 when do babies walk 
Then he started holding onto furniture and moving around by himself. A couple of weeks ago he did two steps! We were playing upstairs after his bath and he was only wearing a nappy so his little legs and feet were completely free and he did two steps!

He carried on moving round the furniture for a couple of weeks and then the other day… Four steps! He was so pleased with himself. He just kept laughing. 

I kept trying to film him or get a picture but he wouldn’t do it again, this is the best I could get…

 when  do babies walk  
Yesterday, he was at my sisters house and… Five steps! This time I had witnesses. My sisters saw him walk! He looks so little to walk!

 when do babies walk 
He is 10 and a half months and he can walk! I think we’ve got a few more weeks before he is properly walking but I think he’ll be running round the garden by his birthday! 

Hopefully next time he does it I’ll catch him on camera. He is so cute!