Ollie’s First Haircut.

Ollie has been looking like Pippi Longstocking lately so I decided it was time to end the confusion and help people stop asking if he’s a boy or a girl. Olivia is not an option anymore… He is definitely OLIVER!

Ollie went to the barbers for the first time. He wasn’t sure about it but did sit still. He was really good almost all the way through but then towards the end he just cried.

He still sat still and I bribed him with a biscuit and he had loads chopped off!


Not impressed Momma!

He is not a baby anymore! He looks like a little boy. Definitely little toddler Ollie! If anyone mistakes him for a girl now they will be getting completely blanked. I was forgiving when he had long hair, even though he always wears blue clothes!

Not anymore, he is a little boy!


Mega cute!

My best friend got married last weekend so he looked extra smart with his new hair and little suit. 😊

In November 2019 I refreshed and updated my blog.  I’ve recategorised this as ‘autism’ because haircuts were an early sign that Ollie had autism.  He sat through this one but after this he was SO stressed for every haircut, one hairdresser (wimp) refused to do it.

Then we had a new salon open near us especially for kids and autism friendly and it took about 3 trips for him to be ok with it.  Now he’s 5 and quite likes going but probably between the age of 2-3 we used to cut his hair in his sleep or just shave it.