Ollie’s First Shoes!

This might not be a big deal for a lot of moms but I love shoes. By the time I was 21 I think I had about 120 pairs of shoes. Now I think I have about 50! I sold a few or just got rid of them. When I was pregnant I always said I’d never stop buying shoes, I’d just buy little ones! So today has been fun for me. 

Ollie has been wearing Tiddly Tots baby shoes since he was 9 months and could stand up. He walked when he was 10 and a half months but now he wants to walk everywhere and climb everywhere so he’s nearly 13 months and I thought it’s time for real shoes.

We went to Clarks so he could be fitted properly. He’s size 4.5 G! I liked these little plane shoes so he tried them on and ran around the shop. We decided to keep them. 


He looks like a proper little boy now! 

The lady in the shop said we can have a photo because they’re his first shoes so here he is…


I think he looks happy with his shoes! Now he can run around without hurting his little feet. 

When we got home he ran around in them and as usual the box is more interesting.

He had some new socks as well, can’t have nice new shoes without nice new socks can you Ollie!

Just chillin’ in my new shoes!