One Month to Plan a Wedding…

On 30th September I wrote Choose to be Happy and that’s when we decided to get married earlier than we planned! And less than a month later (I wrote this in October) its basically all done and planned!
People act like planning a wedding is stressful, I don’t get it! In fact we were pretty much sorted in about two weeks! There are some finer details left to do such as favours and a few more table decorations. But if I did nothing else now, I could get married and have a really nice day.

I thought I’d share some tips for stress free wedding planning.


1. Book your registrar!

This is one person you absolutely need! Book your registrar oh and did I mention? Book your registrar? That’s my number one tip! Once that’s booked you have a date and time to work everything around. It’s no good booking your venue and finding that you can’t get anyone for that date or planning a sit down meal only to find the only appointment left is 4pm and having to change everything to buffet! That happened when I helped plan my sisters wedding. If you’re planning a Saturday wedding be aware that they book up months, sometimes years in advance! Three people you absolutely need at your wedding… Bride, groom and registrar. Book!

2. If you want/ like it, buy it!

Guess how many wedding dresses I’ve tried on? One! Guess how many suits Dave has tried on? One! Guess how many venues we looked at? Two! If you are happy with the first dress, suit, venue or whatever, buy it and cross it off the list. Why stress out wasting time looking at alternatives ‘just in case’ when you could end up returning to the first perfect venue three months later only to find they’re fully booked until 2019!?

3. You know your perfect dress.

Don’t kid yourself otherwise. You know when you’re getting ready for a night out and try on 72 dresses including 6 new ones (that you swear you’ll send back to Very) only to just wear your old faithful LBD anyway? You know what works. I knew I was having an x (sorry not revealing) style dress since about 2002! I know what will suit me. I know I’d look hideous in ball gown or strapless so I’m not even going to bother trying them on ‘just in case’ I saw a picture of a dress about 3 years ago and loved it and bought it a few weeks ago, absolutely love it and haven’t tried any other dress on. You don’t have to try on different men when you’re engaged do you? If you feel it’s the one, it’s the one!

4. Don’t stress about the budget!

To be even considering planning a wedding it’s a fair assumption that you have a chunk of cash whether that’s a loan, savings or family helping you out. Weddings cost a lot, get over that and you’ll suddenly chill out. £475 for a registrar?! What the f-ing F? Either pay it or you don’t get married, simple. Next! Photographers charge what now?! Pay it or have shitty iPhone pictures and drunken disposable camera images. As it turns out, not worrying has meant that I’ve spent a lot less on most things! The venue was more than I thought I’d pay but it’s the perfect place for us and we’ve saved on our dress and suit. I would like to add that Daves suit and shoes were more expensive than my dress and shoes!

5. Don’t be scared of China!

I ordered my dress from one of those websites and I was worried it would be crap quality but it’s really not. It’s so thick! Just measure yourself and if the chart says you’re a size 18 but your jeans are saying, “I swear I’m a 12, I wouldn’t lie to you! I saw your old dress go in the charity bag!” You’re an 18! Don’t feel like you need to go on a fad diet just order whatever the chart says you are and it will fit perfectly! Corset backs are great because you will be able to afford to lose or gain a little bit. If you’re doing a short term engagement just bear that in mind when ordering from China as it can take a while and also be aware that sometimes you have to pay additional customs before you can have your package! Bridesmaids dresses were also from China, and they’re really good quality!

And that’s a summary of how I planned my wedding in a month!

I wrote this in October, it’s now 83 days until the wedding and I need to order the cake and decide if I’m having a hairdresser. I was going to do my own hair but my sister is saying a need a hairdresser!  Not bad going considering this was not the original plan, I would have been 38 weeks pregnant by now.