One Year Later…

No, not Ollie’s birthday yet.  It’s one year since we got the keys to our first family home.

I am a nosy person, well I think most people are really. So this is the kind of post that would interest me. If you’re nosy too, read on!

We got a pretty good deal on our house. It’s an ex-council house so it was cheap and it’s really big. It was vacant for 6 months, I think nobody wanted it because it is in a council area but I’m not a snob in anyway. I grew up in this area. My old primary school is practically in my back garden and my Nan’s old house is just round the corner. So it was a bit of a blank canvas and had a weird smell when we moved in. I absolutely love it! This is our house one year later.

Oh and this post isn’t sponsored by IKEA, we just love IKEA!  I think it will be nice for Ollie to look back at this when he’s older and see how our house changes. 

Our living room is still a bit plain for my liking! I want more pictures on the walls and more colours.  We have got a loose magic/ theatre theme because we both love the theatre.  We have magic tricks on display, a magic wall, red velour curtains that look like stage curtains, stage lighting and playing card cushions. 


The dining room is sort of the same room as the living room but it is separate.  


I love red so our room had to be red!


 I really wanted a Victorian bathroom but the room wasn’t really big enough, this room was a massive transformation but I can’t find the original photos! It is a Victorian inspired bathroom.  The taps and shower are in the style of Victorian bathroom and it’s all black and white to look like iron! 


The kitchen is my room! It’s an 80s kitchen… This was a massive transformation too. 

We also have a third bedroom that is being used as an office (baby girls bedroom) and a utility room that is being used as a pets bedroom for Jeff the bearded dragon and Holly and Bauble the bunnies. 

And finally… 

Little Lamby’s room!