Post Natal Wait – We All Look Good.

Nine months later… Still waiting for my flat stomach to come back! Haha!

I’ve decided to finally write about post natal weight loss. There’s always a load of memes and articles going round along the lines of, “These are my tiger stripes/ this is my baby bump/ I’m proud of my flabby belly.” In a way, I agree with those things. A baby is worth the dramatic body change. A baby is worth putting on weight.

The thing I don’t understand is, people act like the choice is fat with a baby or skinny without a baby.

I’m not saying I’d rather be skinny than have a baby, I’m saying there’s no reason why I can’t have a baby and then lose weight and wear my old clothes.

I don’t think women should be under pressure to lose weight straight after giving birth, there is a lot going on and it isn’t a priority. If you don’t want to lose weight (or aren’t particularly bothered), don’t! Your priorities have changed now you don’t need to go out every Saturday looking good in a little dress. Staying at home watching Disney films in your pyjamas is the new looking good. Don’t feel pressured by your news feed being filled with all these Slimmer of the Week Mommas! That works for them – great! We all need to do what works for our own lifestyle not compare ourselves to others.

Also, at the same time, I don’t think anyone is bad or ungrateful for wanting to shift their baby weight. In many ways it makes you good. You value yourself and your family, you want to be healthy. If you don’t like the way you look you will have low self esteem and that will affect your family life. You will be self conscious when you take your kids to the beach or water parks, your belly shouldn’t be a factor into their fun! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be slim after having a baby. It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate your baby!

Just to clarify my personal feeling, I want to lose a bit of weight but I don’t think I’m fat. I go to ballet every week and I’m quite active so I don’t feel under a lot of pressure for dramatic results. I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes but just a bit flabby around the c-section scar area. I don’t believe in diets, I believe in changing your attitude to food. I know lots of people get results from Weight Watchers etc but if your attitude to food hasn’t changed you will backslide and binge eventually.

The reason I wanted to write about this topic is because all rants and opinions aside, the fact of the matter is… We all look good! There’s been loads of blogs lately along the lines of, “How does Kate look so good!” I’m thinking, we all look good! She looks better than us in day to day life so her appearance after birth is going to be better than our appearance after birth but it doesn’t mean we look bad.

Post natal weight

Looking at my post birth photos, I think I look the same to be honest. Yeh I’ve got a spot and greasy hair but I look basically the same. On a normal day the difference is normal clothes and clean hair. You might be thinking, “Woah you look rough love!” But this is what I look like! I’m not naturally stunning and I don’t spend a lot of money on my looks. Kate is both naturally beautiful and has money! So it makes sense that she looks good.


This looks good!



Nothing suits me more than being a mom. Go and stand in the mirror with your baby and tell me you don’t look good. Take a selfie and post #WeAllLookGood because we do! We have brought beautiful little babies into the world, they’re here because of us. Tell me you don’t wake up smiling at them everyday. Tell me you don’t look better for smiling. Tell me they don’t smile at you regardless of how greasy your hair is or how flabby your belly is. Seriously, we look good. We are not only on earth to look sexually attractive and please men, our bodies are multi functional!

Admittedly, there are things I can do to make myself look ‘better’ but it’s all superficial. I’m the same happy Momma. I still brought this little boy into the world and for that, I look good. The two pictures above were taken within an hour of each other. I was wearing pyjamas and greasy hair, then got dressed, washed my hair and put BB cream on. Changed the camera angle and I look better. It’s not really that much effort to straighten my hair and wear high waist skirts that show my waist and cover the flabby bit but if I want to wear pyjamas all day… I’m still me and I look the same to Ollie.

I recently went on holiday and ok I don’t have my old bikini body but if I remembered seeing a post about an Instagram picture that went viral because she debunked fitness selfies showing how with a bit of clever photography, anyone can lose a stone.  So I found an old holiday photo and I’m not going to feel bad about having a flabby lower belly. I’m still me.



Change your perspective, we all look good.

  • Grandad Bob

    Love your down to earth attitude, Jo. If more people were able to think and speak the way you do the world would be a much happier place.
    Love you and see you soon

  • Mush

    I love this blog! Agree with all of your points and always love Ollie snaps!