Baby Connor – Part One!

I am Jo’s (Momma Boss) little sister Carly who has recently had a little baby boy Connor. Jo mentioned him in her blog Cousin twins as Connor and Stevie were due the same time. If you follow Jo’s blogs you will know her story from the beginning of motherhood to current everyday challenges and advice she has with Ollie.

I asked her if I could share my journey to becoming a mommy as I had found comfort in hospital realising you don’t have to be alone and there is a huge benefit to talking to people.

When I found out I was pregnant it was the happiest day of my life. I immediately felt protective towards this little seed growing inside me. (My nickname for my bump was sesame as this was the size he was when I found out I was pregnant).  I loved rubbing my bump and talking to baby as it was such a comfort to me. My husband and I didn’t find out the sex of the baby. Personal preference but if you can wait I would recommend it.

Overall I had a really good pregnancy. I had really bad nausea in my first trimester, which lasted for 16 weeks. The only thing I could eat was dry crackers. It was constant, day and night but other symptoms I had were just as expected such as backache and tiredness.

The one thing that was worrying was when I was told I had gestational diabetes. I had to prick my finger seven times a day to monitor my sugar levels, change my diet and have regular check ups and scans at the hospital. I was really scared when I heard all the risks but all I would say to anyone who has been told they have gestational diabetes is listen to the advice given, tell the midwife if your sugar levels do go too high or too low but most of all don’t let your worries stop you enjoying the pregnancy.

Be sensible and be aware of what you are eating and drinking but remember to enjoy your bump and continue to bond.

Due to the gestational diabetes it meant that I was not allowed to go over 38 weeks as I was classed as a high risk pregnancy. I also carried more water which is another risk so the decision was made to have me induced.

I had the sweep three days before I was admitted into hospital to help move things along then I was admitted Friday evening at half 6. At 7.20 I was examined and told I was about 2cm then at that moment my waters broke!

The midwife said I should be meeting my baby in the next 48 hours.

We started to feel really excited! I must say though breaking my waters was not what I expected at all. I could not believe the amount of water I lost. It was loads, buckets full and that’s no exaggeration. The midwife kept saying it was normal so I didn’t worry.

After my waters started to slow down the midwife inserted the pessary for 24 hours, which is to help soften the cervix. After this time I was examined again but no change so they put another one in for a further 8 hours but again no change. So the decision was made to take me to the delivery suite and put me on a synto drip to start my contractions.

At first I was fine, the monitor was showing I was having contractions but I really was fine. I was on the birth ball and chatting away to my husband and mom. As I had gestational diabetes my husband had to test my sugar levels every hour to ensure I did not go below 3.8. I had to have regular sips of lucozade to maintain my sugar levels.


The midwife kept increasing the level of drip that makes the contractions stronger and it did start to really kick in. My husband started to massage my lower back which massively helped and I concentrated on my breathing.  When I was pregnant I found a YouTube clip that shown you how to make a massager using a pair of tights and two tennis balls. It doesn’t look the best thing but it really helped! Would recommend you type Amazing Back Massager For Pregnant Women in YouTube if pregnant and make one.


When I was on the birth ball I ended up losing more water, which really confused me as I had already lost my waters on the Friday evening and it was now Sunday evening but the midwife was not worried about it.


Once I lost more water I really felt the pressure and the contractions were much more intense. Deep breaths deep breaths! It got to half 2 in the morning and I was due for another examination to see how dilated I was.

I decided to have gas and air at this stage as I was nervous about the discomfort of the examination. My mom shown me how to use gas and air. It was wonderful! I felt drunk and went very silly and giggly. I had reached 5cm, yay!

Things were finally moving along. I used the gas and air with each contraction I had and I was doing ok then all of a sudden the pain was unbearable. I was doubled over in pain, shaking uncontrollably and sweating like mad. The midwife advised that I had at least another 7 hours of labour. I knew I would not last…

To be continued… It’s a long story!