Random Things About Me!

I want to write a few posts that tell Ollie what his Mommy and Daddy are like now. Who knows what life will throw at us in the future, we might change! 

These are just a few things about me…

  1. I am Shazam. Ollie, Shazam is an app that tells you what song is playing by just hearing a little bit of it. I don’t have this app because this is my super power! I am really good at detecting songs. On average, 1 or 2 seconds in and I’ll know it. On a slow day 5 seconds. I’m faster with old songs 60’s- early 90’s but if I’ve heard a modern song, it’s implanted in my head. The problem is I haven’t heard a lot of modern songs! I think there are two reasons I have this skill. 1. I have worked in retro bars for 11 years so songs are constantly playing in my life and 2. I am an auditory learner which means I process information better if I hear it rather than see or do it! I like games like Beat the Intro and Songpop but to be honest they slow me down because reading the multiple choice options can take 1.7-2.2 seconds sometimes.   
  2. I love music. I mean I really love music. Which helps with my Shazam power. I swear music is one of the reasons I’m a chilled out person. Music makes me happy and chilled out. If I ever lose my mind when I get old Ollie, play music to me and help bring me back to life. 80s is my favourite but I love anything old! Well, it will be really old for you. 1960’s up to early 1990’s! I have a lot of vinyls. I don’t need to explain what vinyls are because you will know! I love the crackly sound.
  3. I failed my driving test a lot. I can’t remember if I failed 5 times or passed on the 5th! I always failed for stupid reasons, one time he said everything was perfect but just a little bit too slow! I was determined to drive so I never gave up. I actually bought a car months before I passed to motivate me to keep going. I had a Daewoo Matiz called Bronzey and it cost me £1000! I was 22 when I finally passed.  
    I cant find a picture of Bronzey but this is Maddie my dream car!
  4. I go to ballet. I hope this will be something you know about me as you get older but if for some stupid reason I stop dancing, it is something you should know about me because I really love dancing. Sometimes I’m really tired and don’t feel like going out but when I get back I say to Daddy, “Don’t let me give up dancing!” I love it! I have been going to dance classes since I was 10 but always did Jazz. I was a late starter to ballet. I started ballet when I was 15 and when I was 22 I joined a ballet school and started pointe work for the first time! You’re meant to start pointe as a teenager, 13-16 is normal! Never give up!  
  5. I quit uni! This is something I’d never encourage you to do but I would understand if you did. I was studying English and Dance. I wanted to be a GCSE and A-Level teacher, I never wanted to teach little kids. I quit because I really loved my job. I was a part time bar maid while I was studying and after about 4 months of working I went from working 3 nights, then 4 and then 5. I didn’t fit in at uni but I really fitted in at work. When I was 19 I passed my supervisor course and was working 45 hours a week and not really turning up for uni. (However I did get top marks, A10 in my Dance and Cultural Studies exam.) After the first semester of year 2 I decided not to go back and when I was 21 I was Assistant Manager and had a better salary than average graduates. I moved out and rented my own little flat and as previously mentioned, bought a car. It was a good move for me. I would like to get a degree one day but by doing distant learning. I definitely wouldn’t fit in at uni now. Well, maybe some of the kids would think I’m cool I do run a bar!
  6. I did end up teaching! Not quite how I imagined but before you were born I worked as a Trainer and coached supervisors on their management courses. So I taught people how to do what I do, be a Momma Boss (run bars). I know it’s big headed but I was really good at it. I had a few prizes from my bosses for helping people pass their course. 
  7. I love travelling. I want to go everywhere! My bucket list line is “Visit every continent.” I have been to Europe (not including UK obviously) Italy, Portugal, Spain and we’re going to Paris in October. North America; New York, Las Vegas, San Fransico and Los Angeles. Africa; Egypt and Morrocco. Asia, Dubai. I need to visit Australasia, South America and Antartica! I would accept cruising past Antartica while on holiday in South America. My auntie lives in Australia so hopefully one day we’ll visit! Then I’ve seen the world! I also really want to go to Hong Kong, Thailand, Florida, Canada and Mexico!   
  8. My favourite film is Back to the Future. My criteria for a film to be classed as a favourite is you have to feel the same everytime you watch it and BTTF has me on edge every time! Also in my top 5, My Girl because I cry everytime Thomas J dies. And Forrest Gump because I love the character just as much everytime.