The Reason People Hate Blogging.

Around about this time last year I was going through a work related drama, back and forth to meetings taking people on, as I do! My catchphrase since then is, “I’ll take them on.” If anyone close to me has any grief I’m there ready to take anyone on.

Anyway, as a result I left my career as a pub/ club manager after 13 years. Ted was only 6 months old so I just went back on maternity leave.

During my chilled out time off I starting contemplating what I was going to do next.  For a brief, fleeting moment in time I considered having a go at being a ‘pro’ blogger.  (I purposely use inverted commas as it is not always an accurate description.)

After careful consideration and digging deeper into the blogging world I decided 100% that monetising MommaBoss is absolutely not for me. The more I tried to learn about ‘pro’ blogging the more I didn’t want to be a part of that world.

I decided to go back to my original life goal and trained to be a Dance Fitness Instructor and run a little Dance Fitness company.  In this time I have also helped my sister set up a Dog Training business.

All my years in pubs gave me Richard Branson’s mentality of “If you can run one business, you can run any business.” If I could manage a team, control finances and stock there is no reason why I cannot run a business that consists of 4 dance classes per week!

Since setting up two small businesses I have found that I often refer to my learnings from my pub days and running a business has 5 secrets in my opinion.  I might write about it one day…

Blogging and ‘pro’ bloggers completely go against my five rules of successful business and I’ve realised that this is why I’ve completely gone off bloggers and the whole ‘business’ of blogging.

If you run a blog for money, it should operate as a business and unfortunately I don’t see many blogs operating as a business.

My number 4 rule is…

No Bullshit. 

A successful business doesn’t bullshit their customers. Sometimes bullshitting is obvious and other times it’s really subtle and just makes you cringe and you don’t quite know why but it’s really awkward.


I have never met a person who sees any value in the old Forever Living Aloe Bullshit that rose to fame a couple of years ago swamping social media making you hate some of your friends… the reason? BULLSHIT!

This is cringeworthy obvious bullshit and is no way to operate a business.  Yes you will lose 2 stone if you only drink aloe water for 6 weeks.  It’s not because aloe is magical, it’s because you’ve stopped stuffing the cake in.  If you only drank your own piss for 6 weeks you’d lose weight but we wouldn’t all start believing piss has weight loss powers. It’s the lack of food that does the job!

It was actually Stella that made me create this rule.  Stella as in the lager.  When I was working in my last pub, one week for some reason I just completely forgot to order Stella. No excuse for it, I just forget to add it to the order sheet.

Some of the regulars were very upset by this and liked to have a moan at me to which I would reply, “I forgot to order it.” This often came as a shock and they didn’t really have a comeback because it’s no bullshit so it doesn’t fuel any further discussion. That  is the answer, let’s move on now. I could’ve blamed the supplier, gave some bullshit about depot errors or pass the blame to my assistant but that would be bullshit and in my opinion that is no way to run a business.

  1. It’s dishonest and I don’t like lies.  Lies always come out, the truth will always stay the same.
  2. It’s very arrogant because it assumes that your customers are just dumb and won’t see through it.  Even if they don’t blatantly see through it like the Aloe Crap, they will feel uncomfortable and cringe and it’s off putting even if you can’t explain why.

Bloggers bullshit far too much for my liking.

If you’re reading through this and getting offended, remember offence only occurs when a nerve is hit so this isn’t about me slagging off bloggers, this is me discussing why I don’t fit in the business of blogging.

Not all bloggers are bullshitters but some make me cringe so bad I’ve had to unfollow them.  If any of this resonates with you that’s your issue to deal with, I’m not mentioning names, it’s overall observations.

Blatant lies.

I have seen bloggers post pictures with captions about wearing a size 6… you’re clearly a size 12+ love.  Nothing wrong with that at all but why bullshit your readers (customers) these people are looking to you for advice and inspiration and you’re just outright lying. No one with half a brain cell believes you’re a 6.  Just cringe.

And to make it worse you get all of the newbie bloggers trying to align with the pros and get in with the ‘big’ bloggers by commenting, “Look fab.” “Great post hun.” Pass me the bucket.  So there is bullshit on bullshit.

Promoting shit that means nothing to you.

There was some blogging community commotion a while back about some ‘pro’ bloggers promoting a range of clothing aimed at SEN children. Said bloggers had zero experience with SEN children so every mother with a SEN child was instantly infuriated by someone getting paid to tell mothers who deal with SEN daily struggles how wonderful this range is but with no frame of reference. Why did it piss people off?

It’s bullshit.

You can’t say something is good if you have no use for it.  It’s like me reviewing a motorcycle helmet and telling bikers how fab it is, but I’ve never ridden in my life and have no intention of ever riding!

It’s so arrogant to assume your customers are too thick to see that it’s utter bullshit.


I understand that this is the ethical thing to do so that people know you don’t really care about the product you’ve just been paid to say it’s fabulous darling. It’s still bullshit. There are some bloggers who used to write from the heart, about their lives, for free.  No I see a post and I think ohhh who has paid for this, scroll down and there it is.


You haven’t off your on back decided to help the community with top 5 day trips, you’ve been paid to concoct a heartless post that nobody cares about.


I generally find that it is only other bloggers that support the bullshit. ‘Great post hun.” Now please link to my linky and like my post too.

Non bloggers tend to hate bloggers and the reason is… bullshit.


In all fairness to bloggers, they are not entirely to blame here.  A lot of my issues are with the companies and their marketing department who have no idea what influencer marketing is and who feel that 10 million followers makes a better blogger. Marketing departments need to get better before bloggers can get better but the fact remains that every time you write a heartless post and review a piece of crap that goes straight in the bin, you’re bullshitting your customers and they see right through it and go elsewhere.

If you’re pitching to companies then I’d like to think that you only pitch for products you believe in but unfortunately I doubt this is the case.

Writing about something you believe in or writing free posts from the heart is not bullshit. I will still write on my blog from time to time, my issue is purely with bullshit business.


If you’re offended by this please don’t feel he need to write an ‘Open Letter to MommaBoss’ because guess what?

Arrogant bullshit.

You’d be assuming I’m writing about YOU which I’m not, I don’t know who you are. And it would just be a cheap bullshit ploy to get more hits on your blog.  Feel free to email me if you want to chat.

Most bloggers reading this will probably think ‘huh, that’s why I’ve gone off blogging…’

  • Tori Gabriel

    Amen! THIS is why I also stopped blogging. At first I did it just because I like to write but after a while it became a chore. Then people started sending me stuff to review and it was so obvious they never even read my blog (why would a Mummy blogger want to review a death metal CD?!) I felt like I was talking to no one. I’ll stick to my diary