Reckless Wedding!

I don’t want to bring down the happiness and the buzz that everyone has from our amazing wedding day but I need to talk about why Reckless were so special and why we appreciate them so much for performing at our wedding.

If you follow my blog you’ll know that we pretty much planned our wedding in a month and with very short notice to the actual day.  We got engaged in July 2015 and planned to get married in 2017 sometime.  But in October 2015 we decided to get married in April 2016.

It is definitely a happy event and we had a great day and everything was perfect.  If you don’t already know, the reason for the massive change in the dates was because I was pregnant when we got engaged but in September 2015 we found out that our baby had died and I miscarried at 21 weeks pregnant.

We didn’t want to just be sad forever about our baby so we decided to give ourselves a reason to be happy and something to look forward to and our wedding was the perfect thing to make us happy.  On 21st October 2015 we had a little funeral for our baby Stevie, she was called Stevie because at first they couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl so it was either Stephen after Stephen Amell, the actor that plays Oliver Queen in Arrow (our son Ollie was named after Oliver Queen!) or Stephanie named after my nan’s baby who died as a baby, my nan had 9 kids altogether but Stephanie died neonatal and I felt like I understood how my nan must have felt all those years ago.  Stephanie would’ve been my Mom’s older sister.

When we found out that Stevie was a girl, on the way home My Girl played on the radio.  I decided that would be my song for her and that was the song we played at her funeral.  I can’t hear that intro without welling up.

Now, Reckless are a barbershop quartet, the best barbershop quartet in the country and they played at our wedding.  When we booked them we asked if they would learn My Girl.  If you know anything about barbershop you’ll know that we were being a pain in the arse putting in a request!  It’s not just a case of learning the words, the song has to be arranged specifically for barbershop style and each member has to learn their own part individually and then put it all together.

So I am so, so grateful that they did this song for us.  It was a perfect way to mention Stevie in our wedding without being miserable and sad about it.

It was the best version of My Girl I’ve ever heard and I really want the video!

All of the songs they did were amazing and I loved it when they called Dave up because he sang, ‘You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You’ which coincidentally was the first song I ever watched Dave sing with his chorus.  Duncan, the lead in Reckless used to be the Director of the chorus that Dave sang with.

They were hilarious when they called me up too! Everyone was so impressed with them, it was great wedding entertainment and perfectly suited to us.

Thank you so much Reckless for entertaining us and our guests but an extra special thank you for the most perfect way to involve our little girl in our wedding.

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If you want to read anymore about Stevie, scroll down to Pregnancy Loss on this page and the full story is there.

Reckless are available to hire and they are touring with Elvis this year! Follow them to find out if they’re touring near you!

Best of Worst
  • Hilary Power

    What a moving and special story. I’m so glad that you had a happy day and that Stevie could be ‘there’ for you. I heard Reckless sing ‘My Girl’ at one of their quartet training days recently, and it is a lovely arrangement which they sing to perfection. Best wishes for the future x

  • What a beautiful and uplifting way to remember xxx

  • Lesley Page

    Couldnt have asked for anything better for your little girl to be with you in that way, Reckless are an amazing bunch of guys, my daughter lost a baby just before Christmas, so to have something like this is so wonderful for you and Scooby , congratulations again on your wedding xx

  • What a beautiful memory and something to really make the wedding that much more special. #bestandworst

  • Helen

    They sound like an amazing quartet and what a wonderful thing to do for lasting memories. Thanks for linking up lovely, great to see again. #bestandworst