Liebster Award.

Thank you to Yogi Mom Life for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  It’s for bloggers to promote fellow bloggers with less than 3000 followers.  Liebster is German for kindness so it’s all about paying it forward.  If you read my #BlogFriends you’ll know this is my sort of thing.  So I have to answer 11 questions asked by Yogi Mom Life and then I nominate 11 bloggers to answer my 11 questions and if you accept the award then write a blog answering the questions and nominating your 11 and keep it going!
If you’ve already done it then sorry for tagging you again but feel free to retweet your blog to me!
What do you value most in your life? 
People.  Life is all about the people you spend it with.  I value my family, close friends and my work family.  Being on your own is good as a break every now and then but life is nothing without people and our interactions.  I even value the silly random customers I get at work that make me laugh and I value the new like minded people I’ve found since I’ve joined blogging networks.
What dance best describes your personality? 
Hmmm that’s a hard question for me.  I never stop dancing. I’m going to pick ‘Tra La La’, the Gene Kelly tap routine from An American in Paris because it’s about falling in love and I was obsessed with Gene Kelly around 2013 new year when me and my partner had the best new year ever! Probably a cheesy 80s party dance routine too that sums up me at work.
What do you feel is your purpose in life?
To be honest, I believe in going with the flow and taking each day as it comes, I don’t believe in fate and meanings of life.  We are responsible for creating our own meaning and purpose.
How did you decide the name of your blog and where did it come from?
I’m a bar manager and I treat my staff like they’re my babies so one of them starting calling me Momma Boss. When I became an actual Momma I thought it had a nice double meaning for my blog.  I’m literally a Momma Boss.
What do you love most about blogging?
 Having a voice.  I used to be really quiet when I was growing up because I was bullied about my voice and teeth so I always used to write to express myself.  I don’t get bullied anymore but it’s still my favourite way to express myself.
What would you do today if you knew you would not fail?
Buy my own bar.  And publish a book about it.
What is the first thing you do in the morning? 
Either change Ollie’s nappy or if his daddy has done it then I have an Ollie cuddle.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
On the coast.  I’d be happy staying in Britain, somewhere really quiet and picturesque or if I went abroad I love Los Angeles. I’d be happy to look out at Santa Monica pier everyday, from my awesome bar that I own!
What is your favourite outdoor activity?
I love sunbathing and swimming.  I love being abroad and just doing nothing all day apart from the occasional swim.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to be an established writer.  I don’t want to be a ‘full time blogger’ I want to write a book or write for a company.  I want to write about my career and my crazy baby theories that some people laugh at.  I’d love to write for my pub company that I work for! I’ll probably still be running bars in five years though… With 3 kids!
What makes you smile?
Apart from the obvious… My little Ollie! The one thing guaranteed to make me smile no matter what is some good old music, preferably being played on vinyl.  I love the crackly sound. My favourite era is the 80’s but anything from the vinyl era is good for me.  1950’s to early 1990’s.
I nominate the following bloggers…
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  • Brighton Mama @ourseasidebaby
  • Mamavsteacher @mamavsteacher
If you want to take part answer the following questions in a blog and nominate 11 more.  Share it on social media when you’re done.
  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. Who would you be completely lost without?
  3. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
  4. What did you want your job to be when you were younger?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  6. Where is your favourite place to chill out?
  7. What is your favourite outdoor activity?
  8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
  9. Where did the name of your blog come from?
  10. What is your favourite drink?
  11. What would you call your autobiography?

Why do I Write a Blog?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve developed an obsession with Twitter!  It’s really good for finding other bloggers and baby related companies that are willing to work with me on my blog.  One topic that I keep noticing in various forums is, ‘How to Start a Blog’.  So I thought I’d write about why I write a blog and a few questions to ask yourself when you start writing.

Ollie is watching me write this!
Ollie is watching me write this!

1.  Who is Your Audience?

This is a really basic writing rule but blogging is often very personal so the audience isn’t always clear or there might be more than one audience or it may change over time.  My original audience was my close friends and family and I was blogging weekly to keep them updated on my pregnancy.  I planned to stop blogging or at least slow down to monthly once Ollie was born.

After my dramatic birth my sister said, “Imagine if you would’ve actually died, all Ollie would’ve had was the blog to know about his Mommy!”  I decided to keep blogging for Ollie.  If I do end up dying young then my blog will give him a pretty good idea of his Mommy and what I liked and what frustrated me.  If I go on to live until I’m 100 then how nice will it be for Ollie to read about the world when he was a baby and growing up?  Imagine how much technology is going to change by the time he’s 11, 18, 21… He’ll read my blog and it will be a time capsule!  “Haha people actually took brelfies?”  “Woah, that’s what prams looked like‽”  “Aww I almost had a little brother/sister a year younger than me?” I think that will be pretty special!  I would love to read about my moms frustrations as a new mother or what crap she bought for baby me and never used!

Of course Ollie isn’t my audience now, so I am writing for friends, family and other mothers as well but it’s all with the intention of giving it to Ollie one day.

I’ve always wanted to publish a book, one day I’ll turn my blogs into a book for Ollie! With the little MommaBoss logo as the front cover and his feet at whatever age I give him the book as the back cover.

So rule number one, who are you writing for?

MommaBoss Logo!

2.  Do you Want to be Controversial?

It’s no secret that some mothers do love a drama.  Since I’ve been blogging I have been the subject of a few rants where some people do not have the intelligence to realise that we are actually allowed to have different opinions and hey, guess what?  If you choose to read my blog, you choose to read my opinion!  That being said, I don’t actually want to be a Drama Queen.  (I’m already an 80’s Queen, I can only wear one crown!)

I am aware that some of my opinions will spark a negative reaction, all I can say to that is – I’m not writing about you!  It is incredibly self-absorbed to read a blog and assume you are the target.  However, it is an indication that I’ve hit a nerve.  No working mom is offended by my opinions on Full Time Mothers.  No one with a good job is offended by my opinions on Statutory Maternity Pay.  No one with the money to buy a designer pram is offended by my opinions on prams on finance.  So if you do find yourself getting worked up by my opinion, stop and think about what you’re saying about yourself before you say anything about me! Remember, I am writing about my life, for my baby to read one day!

I don’t want to be controversial.  When I write about a topic that might offend some people I always try to consider both sides so that I don’t come across too critical because I don’t know everyone’s story.  If you do want to be controversial though, you are likely to get a lot of traffic to your blog but it will be people slagging you off which can be quite hurtful sometimes.  Some people do it on purpose and it isn’t always necessarily their personal opinion, it’s just purposely to stir reactions.  If that’s what you want – go for it!

3.  What are the ‘Side Effects’ of Your Blog?

You can have intended and unintended side effects of your blog.  My intended side effects are to keep my family and friends up to date on Ollie’s development and I also write Baby Product Reviews as a way to connect with other mothers, bloggers and companies.

My unintended but very welcome side effect are:

Advising other mothers – some people ask me for advice based on things I’ve written in my blogs!  I’m very happy to keep doing that.  I don’t claim to be some kind of advice forum but I’m always happy to hear that somebody has tried something I do with Ollie and I love answering questions!  I’ve recently been asked to write for a daddy blog which is great!

Staying connected with old friends – I’ve had a few people that I worked with years ago message me or see me out and about and say that they follow my blogs! People that I never expected to be interested so it’s great that old friends can read about me and Ollie!

An unintended and partially unwelcome side effect is:

Annoying people – I don’t write to piss people off.  Refer back to my previous comment about being self absorbed… However, I would like to thank the people that I do seem to piss off because when you share my blog in forums and Facebook groups solely to slag me off, my stats boom for the day.  That is a welcome side effect!


4. What is your Theme?

I follow some great blogs but every now and then there will be a post on something unrelated to the blog.  I love mommy blogs but if there is a random review about something unrelated to motherhood, I kind of lose interest.  I like reading about opinions on motherhood and baby products but if something pops up at random it just makes it look like you’ve been paid to put that in.  Don’t get me wrong, you can make a lot of income from blogging and it’s great to work with companies to raise each other’s profile. I know I’m not an advice forum, but I’d advise bloggers to try and keep it relevant to your theme.

For example, a blogging assignment that came up recently was to work with a paint company and blog about making a room over.  If you’re a mommy blogger – make over the nursery if you want to accept the assignment!  If you’re a food and drink blogger – make over your kitchen.  At least then it’s relevant to your readers.  It just doesn’t fit when a wedding blogger has suddenly reviewed the latest crime novel!

If you want to blog about a variety of topics then make sure you state that on your welcome page or Twitter/Facebook info.  That way your readers know that you cover a variety of topics and it doesn’t seem out of place when something different pops up.

5.  What is Your Intended Tone?

Are you trying to be funny?  Stressed out?  Advise?  A lot of bloggers are just being them and will tell you it’s just their voice.  That’s how I feel most of the time, I write because I prefer to express myself through writing than speaking.  I’m the sort of person that will write an essay birthday card telling you how amazing you are but I won’t say I love you to your face.  I’ll write a massive email to my boss telling him my frustrations at work but when he rings me and says are you alright I just say, yeh!  Most of my blogs just come straight out of my head because I’ve been over-thinking about a certain subject and need to get it out of my head.

I do write blogs with an intentional tone like when I write my silly blogs, yeh it’s intentionally being funny.  Even with an intended tone it is often the result of an over-thinking session. Good writers know how to select words to create a tone and I do sometimes purposely create a tone.  These are my four P’s!  My main writing tones.

1. Philosophical – I do like a good literary quote to inspire my ramblings and yes, I do think too much… Or do you not think enough?

2. Playful – I like to be silly and take the piss out of myself.  I do to try and be funny sometimes.

3. Political – Inspired by current affairs and parenting politics.

4. Personal – All of my early blogs are personal, just a diary really with me chatting about my feelings being pregnant.  Now I write about my feelings as a new mother.

So a good way to start blogging or if you’re a blogger with writers block – think of a tone then it’s easy to get a flow for writing.  When I get ideas for a funny blog it’s usually because I’ve made myself laugh by doing something really simple, then I write it down and wait until I do something else silly and add to it.  Before you know it you’ve got a long blog.  If you’re worried about something, start writing a kind of diary entry and there you go, a personal blog!  If you want to write some advice create a step-by-step guide for something whether it’s making up a bottle or getting baby to sleep.

That’s how and why I blog!  Feel free to comment with any extra advice.  Or ask me any questions if you’re new to blogging!

Ollie - this is you on the day I wrote this!  Check out the old computers.
Ollie – this is you on the day I wrote this! Check out the old computers.



Blogging Mommas! 

This week I’m going to have a laugh about… Blogging Mommas! That’s right I’m making fun of myself. When you chose to put your whole life out there online for all to read about, occasionally you will inevitably encounter somebody that takes the piss out of you. So do you want to know a fun way to overcome this problem? Take the piss out of yourself!

Self deprecation can actually be a sign of intelligence. It’s shows understanding for other peoples opinions and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously!  To all you clever blogging Mommas out there, join in for a laugh! What type or types of blogger are you? Have I missed out your type? 

The Philosophical Over-thinker

Most Common Blogs: The inner workings of their complex mind. Their theories on life including abstract baby theories on potty training, weaning etc.

Don’t tell her her blog is crap. She’ll write a blog to psycho analyse you. 

This is me! Most of my blogs are just my active mind overflowing in essay form!
This is me! Most of my blogs are just my active mind overflowing in essay form!

The Organic Health Freak

Most Common Blogs: The importance of teaching children about germs. How to make your own baby purée from scratch using only the finest fresh produce. 

Don’t tell her you use cow and gate jars. Just no. 

Sorry Mommas, I use Cow & Gate jars! I'm not anywhere near a health freak, I don't even carry anti-bac gel with me.
Sorry Mommas, I use Cow & Gate jars! I’m not anywhere near a health freak, I don’t even carry anti-bac gel with me.

The FML moaner

Most Common Blogs: It’s crap being a mom. I’ve lost all my friends since I’ve had a baby. Nobody ever tells you how hectic babies are. Babies poo too much.

Don’t tell her you love being a mom. You might lose an eye or something.

I'm one of these annoying ones that loves being a Mom!
I’m one of these annoying ones that loves being a Mom!

The Reformed Wise Owl

Most Common Blogs: I used to be a bitch/ judgemental/ hated kids. Now that I’m a mom I understand everything about life and I’m here to show you the way. 

Don’t tell her you judge people. She’ll want to adopt you to show you the light. 

This is me a little bit, "I nearly died so I know the true value of Motherhood!" Give it a rest love.
This is me a little bit, “I nearly died so I know the true value of Motherhood!” Give it a rest love.

The Crafty Ones

Most Common Blogs:  How to make a nativity scene using common household trash. How to turn tidying up into a fun family game.

Don’t tell her your kid has an iPad. She’ll lecture you on the importance of imaginative play. 

I'll be 5 star by the time Ollie starts school. Can't wait to play the matching game aka I never have to pair up socks again!
I’ll be 5 star by the time Ollie starts school. Can’t wait to play the matching game aka I never have to pair up socks again!

The Super Savvy Experts 

Most Common Blogs: How to make family meals for 10 on a budget of £3. How to get a family of 6 into Alton Towers for free this bank holiday. 

Don’t tell her you’re in your overdraft. Didn’t you collect a single coupon this week? What is wrong with you?

Sorry savvy Mommas, I'm rubbish! Send me tips on how to be better!
Sorry savvy Mommas, I’m rubbish! Send me tips on how to be better!

So I’m an over-thinking, almost crafty owl! What are you?