Tales From MommaBoss – Oh Tequila, you make me Unhappy!

I promised some MommaBoss horror stories for the end of Blogtober so here they are! I’m going to try and word play an old song into the title I have a couple planned out already.

#SpoilerAlert – the majority of these stories contain bodily fluids, not for the weak stomached or faint hearted lol…

Enter if you dare.

This is how I imagine introducing these stories…

The Tale of Deconstructed Mexican Food…

This is one of my first horror stories, this one is taking me back to my bar maid days and probably when I first discovered that I had a strong stomach.

Back in the days where nightclubs were rammed before the stupid 24 hour licensing thing kicked in, the bar would always be packed from 10pm til 2am without fail.  You know what I mean, elbow to elbow pushing your way to the bar.

One night a male customer had managed to find his way to my till, my patch of the bar.  I acknowledged him but I don’t think he was aware of my acknowledgement…

When I went to serve him he looked very pale and not very chatty.

Side note:  opposite our bar there was a burrito stand.  Very popular back in the day, a nice cheesy, oniony, chicken, hot sauce concoction to soak up some of your alcohol.

I spoke to him and he did not respond with words.  He swayed at me and looked more pale at me.

If I could re watch this scene in slow motion, it would be like a cartoon.  The colour would drain downwards leaving him white, followed by a wave of green finished off with a deconstructed burrito on my bar.

I don’t know what happened to him after that, it was too packed.

I grabbed the blue roll, scooped the sick off the bar quick blast of sanitiser and back to serving! Haha.  No time for wimps on my area I wanted to be the top sales every night.

Obviously when I tell people these stories they feel like being sick but that was the beginning of a very strong stomach (the final tale in this mini series will prove that!)