Ted’s Journey…

Ted is named after Ted Mosby from HIMYM and if you’ve seen it you’ll know how much Ted’s story was a journey.  When I announced my pregnancy I told it in the style of Ted and the journey that led us to our Ted.

So I had this idea to have Ted’s journey captured in his bedroom.  My father in law is really good at painting so we asked him to create a special wall for Ted.  He is a retired head teacher and a big Disney fan so those elements can be seen in there!

The first thing I wanted was a rainbow.  Ted is a rainbow baby so it makes sense for him to have a rainbow in his room!  When the whole room is done it will actually look like it is going into his cot so he’s the little pot of gold at the end.

Then I wanted two little ballerina fairies.  I’ve often thought about what I’ll tell Ollie and Ted about their little sisters and as an atheist who doesn’t believe in the afterlife or anything religious, I revert to Bohemian Rhapsody.


A few years ago my nephew asked me what heaven is and I didn’t want to be miserable and say it’s all a load of bullshit so I used a Freddie Mercury quote which is also my explanation of love.  Freddie was once asked what Bohemian Rhapsody means and he said, “I’m not telling you what it means because it can mean whatever you want it to mean.”

Jake said heaven is a football pitch, so I felt like my answer was good.  So when I think about what I’ll tell my boys about Tutu and Stevie, I think they’re whatever I want them to be.  I like to think of them as ballerina fairies.  They’re teeny tiny and they like dancing just like their momma so that’s what they are.  They’re not ghosts or anything, just became fairies.

So in the rainbow, in the room which would have been theirs if either of them made it, there are two little fairies dancing in the rainbow.


Then I wanted Ollie to feature and when Ollie was newborn, my nephew nicknamed him Ollie-bear because he was so cute.  Ollie-bear and Little Ted are playing together in the woods and they’ve just stopped for a snack… Ollie’s favourite, cake of course!


Little Ted is the same Ted as Teddy’s Toy Box, the theme of the nursery!

There are a few Disney friends that have popped up, the same friends that featured on Dave’s wall in his baby bedroom so it’s extra special like a part of family history has been recreated.

img_9930 img_9929

Ollie was very interested watching Grandad painting so I said it would be special if Ollie did some so we can show him that he helped create the story wall.


Ollie did some bits of grass!

It’s so special and I can’t wait to do the rest of the room now, there is another little feature coming into the room… Apple! When I was pregnant with Baby Tutu, the spare room was Dave’s apple room, full of computers so when we thought he was getting kicked out I bought some stuff from the mother care ‘apples and pears’ range so they will go in Ted’s room now so it really will be one big story!

Stevie was going to have a hungry caterpillar themed room so there will be a little mention of that in there too but the main theme is Teddy’s Toy Box because I’ll be so happy to see Ted in his little bedroom!


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